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The Nation magazine - May 14, 2007 issue with Cuba cover

Posted May 07, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Cover art by Eduardo Muñoz Bachs, Center for Cuban Studies Collection; cover design by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels

I just purchased three issues of The Nation because this week’s issue features several articles about Cuba. For example:

Articles - A New Stance Toward Havana by Julia E. Sweig | The peaceful transfer of power in Cuba presents an opportunity for the US government to abandon its policy of perpetual hostility.

Articles - Watching the Reporters by John Dinges | After three foreign correspondents are decertified, is Cuba sending a message to the international press corps?

EDITORIALS & COMMENT - Changing Course on Cuba | The US government’s policy toward Cuba is imperial, irrational, arguably insane. It’s time to change it. Subscription only.

There is more to read about Cuba in the magazine. It comes out every week so if you want an issue, go get one now. I have two extra issues, maybe I can do a contest or something. I will comment on the articles once I read them.

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On May 07, 2007, Curt wrote:

I read that issue of Nation. Very good, objective articles on Cuba.