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Russia and Cuba - today and tomorrow

Posted May 01, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

This is a very long analysis of the Russia-Cuba relationship so I have posted just the last paragraph.

With Russian-U.S. relations unlikely to warm up anytime soon, the Kremlin apparently sees it as a matter of national priority to court friendly governments like Cuba and Venezuela, even though it continues to be unclear if there is some kind of Russian grand design or long-term strategy in the making which permanently will establish Russia&#xu2;019s presence in the Western Hemisphere. Most likely, the Kremlin will pragmatically attempt to maintain good relations with whoever is in power in Cuba, on the basis of business and prideful sovereignty rather than ideological zeal. This is even more likely as the Russian Federation now has the petro dollars to pursue increasingly ambitious relations. With some kind of security-oriented civil-military order being in control of the island for the immediate future, Russian-Cuban relations will likely continue to prosper, but in a sure-footed manner.

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