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Dr. Elias Biscet – Doctor in Cuba

Posted March 30, 2007 by Cubana in Cuba Politics.

International Society for Human Rights press release 23.03.07
Dr. Elias Biscet – Doctor in Cuba

Dr. Elias Biscet’s (born 1962) “crime” was among others to document the government’s abortion methods and to publish the book “Rivanol: A method to destroy life” in April 1998. In this book he accuses the health authorities of numerous forced abortions.
In the same year he was expelled from the Cuban health system. In February 2002 he was imprisoned for so called incitement to disobedience, lack of respect for state symbols and because of the accusation of being a “foreign mercenary”. He was sentenced to 25 years of prison.
President of the Cuban Human Rights Foundation
Dr. Biscet, married and father of two children, is president of the not officially recognised Lawton Human Rights Foundation in Cuba. He already publicly denounced human rights violation in the 80s and since then he is classified as “dangerous” by Cuban authorities.
Punishment of the Wife
His wife, the nurse Elsa Morejon, has also been expelled from the Cuban health system and from her job because of her husband’s human rights activism. In March 1998 she was deprived of her right to abode in her house. Since that time she and her sons depend on the support of friends. She is not allowed to see her husband, all visits by family are prohibited and his mail is not delivered.
Bad Health Condition
Dr Biscet suffers of, inter alia high blood pressure and sleeplessness, due to the bad conditions of detention. He needs medical assistance which he has not been granted so far. Together with five other doctors he steps in for the medical treatment of other inmates. Currently he is imprisoned in Combinado del Este in Havana. According to latest information he lost about 30kg of weight and was in a bad physical state since his detention.

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On April 07, 2007, Ralph wrote:

Elias is an humble,courageous and wise cuban man,he deserves survive and
be part of the political future of Cuba,he has a clear ability to make correct judgments and to act.