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Oswaldo Paya calls for release of Cuban political prisioners

Posted February 07, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Contact: Francisco De Armas

International Representative, Christian Liberation Movement

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Christian Liberation Movement


Havana, February 1, 2007- On November 9, we released the resolution proposal entitled, “The Need for the Cuban Government to Liberate the Peaceful Political Prisoners.”

We present this proposal on this date to the majority of the state representations who are members of the United Nations Human Rights Council, with the petition that it be approved and promoted by the Council.

As the next Human Rights Council session approaches, we are returning to present this petition to each one of the government members of the Council, through the distribution of letters sent to your embassies here in Havana, beginning January 29 of this year. 

The Human Rights Council has been entrusted by the United Nations to promote and defend human rights around the world, and its members have the responsibility to carry out this mission.  The Cuban government occupies a seat on this Council, however, dozens of Cuban are serving sentences in prison for having peacefully exercised and promoted the Human Rights recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

With each passing day, the health of these prisoners deteriorates, and they are confined among similar prisoners to suffer the inhuman conditions of these prisons. 

To approve this resolution would not be an action against Cuba, but an action in favor of Cuba, since the Cuban government has already been urged to proceed with the immediate and unconditional liberation of the political prisoners, who have not committed, nor prepared, any violent actions against persons or things.  Therefore, the approval of this resolution would be a valuable contribution to justice in Cuba and reconciliation amongst Cubans. 

We call upon all parliament and citizens of the member states of the United Nations, especially those who serve on its Human Rights Council, to request that your governments promote, until it is approved by the aforementioned Council, the resolution, “The Need for the Cuban Government to Liberate the Peaceful Political Prisoners.”

Oswaldo José Payá Sardiñas

Coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement

For more information or to obtain a copy of the press release, please contact: Francisco De Armas, International Representative, Christian Liberation Movement,

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Member Comments

On February 07, 2007, Cuban American wrote:

That petition is great, however we are forgetting 2 things.  Since when has the United Nations been successful at implementing anything, and 2, we are still dealing with a Castro.  Although I wish otherwise, I highly doubt those political prisoners will be released.

On February 07, 2007, Pete Chavez wrote:

I agree, too bad no-one seems to care.  I wish we had oil.

On February 07, 2007, publisher wrote:

The fact that Paya has the wish to release such a release coupled with the fact that he was allowed his “freedom of speech” I think is very significant.

No, the prisoners will not be released. Imagine if they were. That would mean that Raul is listening to Paya, a Cuban dissident. It could happen. Paya is respected.

Anyway, the fact that he is not put in jail for such a statement should be seen as a MAJOR step forward by the Cuban government. This could be a historic day so let’s not dismiss it.

On February 08, 2007, Pete Chavez wrote:

“Anyway, the fact that he is not put in jail for such a statement should be seen as a MAJOR step forward by the Cuban government. This could be a historic day so let’s not dismiss it.”

Publisher,  I am amazed at your optimism and lack of knowledge of the dissident movement in Cuba.  This has been going on forever.  Paya is not the first or the last dissident to be able to voice concerns.  The reason most are in jail is because they do voice their beliefs.  Paya has visibility like many before him.  So they let him speak to prove that things aren’t really so bad or to lure the willing into thinking that things are improving.  It has apparantly worked in your case.  Does anyone remember back in 94’ how they permitted “Strawberries and Chocolate” to be made.  This was a movie about a gay man living in Cuba that eventualy leaves because the system does not work for him.  Well, the Cuban regime recieved accolades worldwide for showing itself to be so open.  Of course we came to find out later that the version showed in Cuba was so severely hacked that it barely bore any similarity to the one everyone else saw.  Everyone also exclaimed how things were definitively opening up.  Well, they were all wrong.  Nothing improved for freedom of expression, nothing improved for homosexuals, nothing improved for anyone.  It showed itself to be what in the end it was, another PR ploy by the regime.  Now back to your statement.  They never do anything that is not well thought out, that will have an almost guaranteed outcome and they will only do anything (if they do anything at all) just to preserve their position and power.  And that Mr. Publisher, is crystal clear.

On February 08, 2007, publisher wrote:

Do you think Paya asked for permission to release this statement? You may be right, just another day in Cuba but seems like a pretty bold statement from Paya.

On February 08, 2007, Pete Chavez wrote:

“Do you think Paya asked for permission to release this statement?”

I don’t no.  I can’t imagine what the social cues and norms must be for expressing dissent after one’s already been identified as such.  I would imagine the longer one has been in the international public eye, the harder it is for the regime to keep that dissenter subordinated.  They usually know that it is a losing proposition so they eventually kick the dissenter out of the country to exact damage control before the world community.