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Hugo Chavez confirms Fidel Castro is in a “delicate situation”

Posted January 18, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

By Alex Kennedy | Bloomberg

Cuban President Fidel Castro’s health is in a “delicate situation,” Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said after a Spanish newspaper reported Castro was in serious condition following three surgeries on his large intestine.

“There was a serious complication,” Chavez, a key ally, said in a televised speech tonight in Caracas. “He’s been in a delicate situation. We ask God for Fidel’s recovery.’‘

Castro, 80, had operations for diverticulitis, which was complicated by infection, worsening his condition to peritonitis, El Pais reported yesterday on its Web site, citing unidentified medical officials at Madrid-based Gregorio Maranon hospital. Doctors were unable to stop the infection, the report said.

Jose Luis Garcia Sabrido, chief surgeon at the hospital, visited Castro while traveling to Havana last month, according to the report. The current prognosis is very serious, and Castro is being fed intravenously, the report said.

“Some are saying Fidel has died,’’ Chavez said. “Well, everyone dies some day.”

There was no immediate response to calls made by Bloomberg after business hours to the head of Cuba’s official newswire.

Member Comments

On January 18, 2007, publisher wrote:

I guess this is the way the Cuban government disseminates news…from Spain and Venezuela?

I say shame on Raul for not updating the Cuban people with Fidel’s condition.

On January 18, 2007, Varsi Padayachee wrote:

Compared to whom? I suspect our Govt. is very forthright and transparent about the way it provides us with news. It is a shame that we overlook the underhanded way this admin. goes about its business:
1) Cheney’s Energy meetings-we still dont know who attended
2) The NASA wire tapping
3) Looking at our bank records
4) Tracking our reading habits
5) Placing people on the do not fly list for no apparent reason (Cong. Loretta Sanchez)
6) Oh! I remember WMD’s
7) the lawyer from Oregon who was WRONGLY held for seemingly being responsible for the Madrid Bombing

And Sir, that is just a teeny weeny taste.
Before we go about acting high and mighty, condemning other countries for their practices, we should learn to clean up our messes first.
Do you recall the disaster in Iraq?