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Cindy Sheehan will go to Cuba to demand closing of Guantanamo Bay facility

Posted January 06, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Prensa Latina

Cindy Sheehan, Peace Defenders, to Cuba

A group of defenders of peace, including Cindy Sheehan, mother of a US soldier killed in Iraq, will arrive in Cuba on Saturday as part of a campaign to demand the immediate closing of Guantanamo Prison.

Sheehan will be accompanied by a former prisoner of that facility illegally located in Cuban territory, as well as attorneys and relatives of some detained together with whom she will call for new world actions against torture.

The delegation will protest the existence of the prison and will give a conference on the abuses committed there on the International Day for the closing of Guantanamo, January 11.

Asif Igbal, released without charges after years of abuse, and Zohra Zewawi, whose son was jailed, tortured and mutilated in Guantanamo will also be in Cuba.

The program of Sheehan and her fellows will last until January 13, and will include visits to the Martin Luther King Religious Center, the Latin American School of Medicine, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples and other places of interest.

They will travel to the eastern province of Guantanamo to express their rejection of torture there and will participate in a press conference to be held in Havana.

According to the sources, they will condemn the Military Commissions Law and will demand fair trials or the release for all the prisoners.

Member Comments

On January 06, 2007, publisher wrote:

I put this in the Humanitarian category. Even though I have my doubts about Ms. Sheehan’s motivations, I suppose this qualifies as a humanitarian story.

She and other “peace defenders” are going to “demand the immediate closing of Guantanamo Prison.” I don’t believe the US Naval base is technically a prison.

Isn’t it rather ironic that she blames Bush for her son’s death in Iraq yet wants to set the terrorists that are the ones (at least conceptually) responsible for her son’s death?

Maybe they will let her into the US Naval base so she can give each detainee a big hug and talk about how much they all hate President Bush.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a big fan of the war or President Bush but Cindy Sheehan just rubs me the wrong way.

I wonder what her actual travels around Cuba will be like. Is she even going to be able to get near the facility? Will she be able to have any kind of press release? Will the Cuban government even let her into the country?

Also, ironically, she will need the Bush Administration’s approval by the way of a license to go to Cuba. So, she needs Bush’s permission to go there.

If she goes without a license, I think she can expect to get a nice letter from OFAC requesting more information about her trip.

If I miss a follow up to this story when she gets back, please post any news here in the comments section below.

On January 07, 2007, publisher wrote:

I guess she made it to Havana. Does she realize that Guantanamo is about 600 miles away from Havana?

I’m curious to she if there will be a photo of her outside the gates to the US Naval base. I tend to doubt it.

I even wonder if the Cuban government want her there. I think it is rather arrogant of her to just show up as a protester in Cuba.

Anyway, I guess she made it

On January 07, 2007, publisher wrote:

Now she’s in Cuba calling for an end to the Embargo. What makes this woman such an expert on everything anti-Bush?

Next she’ll be protesting in favor of gay marriage and stem cell research.

Cindy, we don’t need you in the US Cuba policy debate. Also, don’t embarrass yourself in Cuba.

On January 08, 2007, bernie wrote:

Cindy comes from a country that expounds democratic principles which in a truly democratic country includes freedom to travel wherever, and freedom of expression.  She does no physical harm to anyone.  She shows me that she is not a sheep, I kinda like what she is doing.  Guantanamo is something that the USA should return to Cuba.  My only fear would be that all those creatures that run the place will be let loose in the USA.

On January 08, 2007, publisher wrote:

And what about all those creatures that are being held in that place? Maybe you would like them to live in your neighborhood?

On January 09, 2007, captain c wrote:

I read now that the Code White ladies in Cuba want to team up with Code Pink to check out Fidel,s prisons.  Look out Raul when these ladies start banging their pots and pans.

On January 09, 2007, publisher wrote:

I saw that. I doubt that they would be able to meet. IF they do meet, I think that would be very historic and significant.

On January 10, 2007, Varsi Padayachee wrote:

Mr. Publisher, Those creatures you so eloquently refer to are being held without trial or due process. Perhaps your ire should be directed at those who imprisoned these"creatures”, for being in Afghanistan. Remember the blind grandfather, or the taxi driver, or the under 16 year olds. They were held just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some of those held in Guantanamo are there deservedly. However, the greater issue is that the US should either charge them or let them go. We cannot have it both ways.
Again, from my experiences, the process of holding suspects without charges or a trial harkens back to the days of Apartheid South Africa, when people of colour or anti-govt., were imprisoned without notice to families or due process. This was called the 90 Day Dention Act. However, after 90 days those imprisoned had to be brought before a judge. Somewhat humanitarian, rather unlike our Barbaric form of justice in Guantanamo. It is truly sad when we are forced to stack up our laws against those of a Nazi regime in South Africa, and find out that they did have a smidgen of justice.

On January 22, 2007, Cubana wrote:

Having recently returned from a trip to Cuba I can report that the visit of Cindy Sheehan to the gates of Guantanamo was extensively covered on Cuban (state) TV and the newspaper Granma. Being British I had never heard of the woman before although because of the coverage she was well-known in Cuba. I have no problem with her going to Cuba, whatever her motives for doing so but I do wish these ‘peace’ campaigners would also take the opportunity of talking about the appalling state of Fidel’s prisons and those undeservedly incarcerated therein. Or maybe she did and of course this was not reported in Cuba?

On January 22, 2007, publisher wrote:

Thank you for the update. Great post.