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Raul Castro and China agree to strengthen ties

Posted December 06, 2006 by publisher in Cuba Politics.


Cuba is willing to strengthen military and other cooperation with China, the First Vice-President of the Council of the State of Cuba and Defense Minister Raul Castro said in Havana on Monday while meeting with a visiting Chinese military delegation.

Raul expressed his satisfaction at the smooth development of exchanges and cooperation between the Cuban and Chinese armies in the areas of personnel and military trainings, and hoped the cooperation could be further strengthened.

He also thanked the Chinese military delegation for attending the 50th anniversary commemorating the founding of Cuba’s armed forces.

Leader of the delegation, Gen. Zhao Keming conveyed the kind wishes from the Chinese people and military to the Cuban leader, Raul’s brother Fidel Castro, hoping him a quick recovery from surgery.

Before the meeting, Gen. Zhao also met with Alvaro Lopez Miera, Chief of the General Staff of Cuba’s armed forces. The two generals discussed possible cooperation between the two armies in the future.


Member Comments

On December 06, 2006, publisher wrote:

Note to Bush Administration and all pro-Embargo supporters:

If the US does not engage with Cuba VERY soon, we will be playing catch up to the Chinese influence on the island.

We have already lost to the Canadians and Europeans. Now we will loose to the Chinese in Cuba too.

The US will be the last one to the party and all the “food” will be gone.

On December 06, 2006, J. Perez wrote:

You are absolutely right and that would not be too bad, I rather not see any Burger Kings in old Habana.

On December 07, 2006, Captain Cuba wrote:

Yes, MR. PUBLISHER, you are correct, and soon Canada will be second last to the party.  As a canadian citizen and a frequent visitor to Cuba, many things that we are now buying in Matanzas for our casa in Los Mangos are made in China.  But I can still buy ” CANADIAN CLUB “, the best.

On December 07, 2006, MiamiCuban wrote:

I totally agree with J. Perez.  I’d rather see the U.S. exporting food and medicine to Cuba, while importing fruit and rum.  Sounds like fair trade to me!

On December 08, 2006, sidneygilbert wrote:

Of course China is willing to trade with Fidel, They are getting nickle at wholesale and selling rice cookers and Refridgerators at retail. Wal-mart is the chinese distributor of retail goods in China and they are moving into Brazil and have 800 stores in Mexico. Can Cuba be far behind??? Sid