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Havana Journal banned in Cuba?

Posted August 09, 2006 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

We have been getting reports about the Havana Journal website not resolving in Cuba.

If anyone can post comments that they can or cannot view the site, we would appreciate it.

You can leave an anonymos comment. If you are a member, log out then then enter a fake email address and the system should accept your comment.

If we are banned in Cuba, it would be surprising to me. Our site is very pro-Cuba and anti-Embargo yet we do publish lots of news stories and perhaps that is just too much news for the Cuban government?

Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.


Member Comments

On August 09, 2006, publisher wrote:

I guess it’s official. The Havana Journal can no longer be read in Cuba.

That’s too bad.

I must say that the recent events regarding Castro’s health and this banning of the Havana Journal has made me think more about the current and future status of Cuba.

Also, for about four to six weeks we have been getting interesting comments by phone and email about how tight security in Cuba has been lately. Then, comes the Castro news.

Although I am no Cuba expert but reading and commenting about Cuba for many years, I now have the very strong suspicion that something VERY serious has happened or is happening to Fidel Castro.

The tightening of security before the announcement of his surgery, the recent lack of an official statement by a Cuban official in Cuba and the lack of ANY presence by Raul is very disturbing.  Disturbing in the sense that the whole country is just hanging in limbo without direction.

A country without direction is like a boat dead in the water without a rudder. Nothing good will happen. Only bad things can happen.

I hope, for the sake of all Cubans and non-Cubans living on the island, that this period of uncertainty is followed by a sunrise of hope and true opportunity.

Notice the wording here. I am not saying that they should all become free market Republicans living in a US style democracy and invite all the exiles back for a party. However, I am also not saying that the country should be locked down and forced to follow the communist trail that Fidel refuses to yield from.

Good luck Cuba, you are going to need it.

On August 10, 2006, Ralph wrote:

INdeed Good luck,the very one to Cuba.She needs a lot of it.May GOD Everything changes for the better,by saying that,by no means I am asking
for a way of life usa style.

On August 11, 2006, CanadianCuban wrote:

Once change comes to Cuba, I pray that it will not be one which has a “Made In America” stamp of approval.

On August 17, 2006, kirk wrote:

Rob: Would like to get in touch with you via e-mail or phone. Thanks.
Kirk Nielsen