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Carlos Lage - Cuban insider or future outsider? opinion

Posted August 07, 2006 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

I am reading many odd quotes from Carlos Lage, a Vice President in Cuba and pretty much in charge of running the Cuban economy.

Here’s my little theory on the current power structure in Cuba and why:

Carlos Lage is pretty much the only senior official out there making any comments about Fidel while in Bolivia. Alarcon made a quick comment several nights ago but then nothing more. He is liked and respected by the Cuban people and would loose a lot of respect if he lied to them about Castro’s health. Raul has said NOTHING. Felipe Perez Roque has said nothing. No statements from Fidel either.

Here are some of the odd comments Lage is quoted as saying:

1. “In a few weeks, he’ll be recovered and he’ll return to his duties,” Vice President Carlos Lage said Sunday, shooting down reports that Castro, who turns 80 on Aug. 13, had stomach cancer.

2. “The operation that he underwent was successful and he is recovering favorably,” Lage said. “Fidel’s going to be around for another 80 years.”

3. “We have been in constant contact and the news is that everything is going fine”, Vice President Carlos Lage said on Sunday when asked by reporters.”

So, that’s several major comments right there; Castro will return, no stomach cancer, operation went well, recovering fine and the weirdest one that Castro will be around for another 80 years which would bring him to be 160 years old. Also, the comment that “we have been in constant contact” means that he and Fidel Castro are speaking by phone? (these comments were made from Bolivia). Are we supposed to believe that Fidel is talking to Lage by phone many times over international phone lines about his health?  I don’t think so.

Here’s what I hear; Lage makes these upbeat comments from outside of Cuba so they are not seen as official statements yet they are positive so there is no real news or cause for concern. So, are they official comments are truly honest comments from Lage?

If Lage makes these comments AND they are found to be untrue in the future because Castro dies, he will loose the respect of the Cuban people.

So, why would Lage be pretty much the only person to make comments about Fidel. I think that Raul said, I am in power now and Fidel won’t be back to work. I have my own plans for the Cuban economy and you will be asked to resign anyway once I get the new economic reforms started. So Lage, like a good revolutionary, falls on his sword for the cause and will take the fall for Cuba. 

My little conspiracy theory only works if

1. Fidel DOES NOT return to office
2. Lage resigns in the near future

Time will tell if I am right.

Is Carlos Lage telling the truth about Fidel’s condition or is he lying for the good of “La Revolucion”?

Member Comments

On August 08, 2006, Ralph wrote:

Lage is a very decent man,very intelligent and he is castrist to his bones,but
he has not courage enough,he is not a coward but he has just not the courage which is needed to find the genuine way out,not the easy one, to
the eventual cuban situation in the near future.Economically has been easier
since Chavez is giving 2 billions or more per year,Cuba economy has indeed
growth,not 12% as they reported last year,but more than 6 percent is sure.
The potential of good petrol well in north coast of Cuba is also a true spur,the
prices of nickel,the development and marketing of some good biotechnological products are making very positive dent into the cuban economybut the corruption,the stalinism style of Castro rules,etc,etc,are very negatives factors,
a big obstacles for a real development in the cuban society which be good for
all the cubans.Raul is 75 years old,is sick,is a heavy drunker and have many
enemies within the circle of power in Cuba,especially 2 “big men"who just are
waiting the FC goes to the beyond and no make mistakes about that,between
Raul and Lage,the latter is beter.

On December 19, 2006, Peter Post wrote:

I am very curious if there is other pertinent and current information about Mr. Lage available anywhere….....

Even if it is twenty years old, it would be helpful…....I am very interested in this gentleman since I have been told he is one of the few persons in present day Havana that can truly and properly lead Cuba after the eventual passing of the Castro Brothers.

If anyone has any information (current and historical) that could help me understand more about this good gentleman, Carlos Lage, kindly inform me….......I also welcome anyone that wishes to discuss the future of Cuba…......I am very keen on this country, and enjoyed a three week visit in the late 1990s…....

Best regards,

Peter Post

On December 19, 2006, publisher wrote:

Lage is still around and has been getting good press from what I can see. I guess he is an insider and not a fall guy.

If you want to read more about him, use the Search link at the top of any page here and search for his name. I think there are many articles about him.

On August 20, 2007, publisher wrote:

Just over a year later and Lage is still and insider so I guess he is okay with Raul running the show.

If Raul can’t hold it together after Fidel dies, maybe Lage would get the nod to fill in as the next interim President?

On August 22, 2007, Peter Post wrote:

This editorial report is extremely revealing about Mr. Lage, and gives me valuable insight to his situation, and the possibilities of the various options in his future.  It pleases me to see that the Publisher (the writer of the editorial) sees Mr. Lage as a more desirable leader post President Fidel Castro, over Raul.

The other positive comments about Mr. Lage from the readership is also very reassuring.

I am still searching for more information, biographical and reporting on Mr. Lage.  Where can I find out more about him.

Also the “Big Two” that were mentioned…........I don’t know who this is.

Also I am aware of the Council of Twelve….....but know little about them…...can you direct me to more information on this subject too?

Thank you… wishes…..Peter Post

On August 22, 2007, publisher wrote:

Don’t see the Big Two above but probably Fidel and Raul.

Try this official Cuban government site at and click on Meimbros.

On January 19, 2008, publisher wrote:

Carlos Lage is looking more and more “Presidential” lately. Anyone willing to go along with this prediction for the March (S)elections in Cuba…

Fidel steps aside to be professor emeritus.

Raul steps aside to be leader of the military and tourism industry.

Carlos Lage steps in as President of Cuba but takes orders from both.

The next President of the US opens a dialog with President Lage.


On January 20, 2008, James August wrote:

Raul leaves public life and retires to another country.

On February 09, 2008, publisher wrote:

Hmmm. Carlos Lage as the next President of Cuba?

On December 23, 2008, Peter Post wrote:

Friends reading our Forum,

Do you have any recent news about Mr. Carlos Lage and the potentials of his future in governing Cuba?

And is anyone among our readers close to the new American Administration, and could possibly have the ear of President-elect Obama?

Please write soonest. 

I wish all a very Merry Christmas and wonderful, prosperous and Happy New Year!

Peter Post

On March 11, 2009, Germancelticuban wrote:

This was not only right, it was the only prediction that was right. Kudos, old chap.