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Posted June 27, 2006 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Jim Guirard | Family Security Matters

At a time when Castroite illiberals in throughout American society continue to whitewash the horrendous human rights record of Fidel Castro’s police-state in Cuba, it is prudent to take a close look at just who this aging “Socialism or Death” tyrant actually is.
This is particularly true when just to his south an oil-rich Venezuela, led by another Comandante-for-life, Hugo Chavez, is flirting with the murderous likes of al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Syrians, the Iranians, the North Koreans, and every other anti-Western radical on the planet. 

Is today’s Castro still that nasty old communist dictator who most Americans remember all too well?  Or is he merely a “fellow progressive” as all too many socialists in America and across the world seem to believe?
To begin with, we should note that without the benefit of such patently false labels as “liberation movements” and “progressive fronts” and “social justice,” an unbiased analysis of Castro’s 46-year tyranny demonstrates that he is nothing but a left-wing Nazi
These are the same sort of linguistic deceits and semantic masks which are inherent in Osama bin Laden’s pseudo-religious language of “Jihadi martyrdom”—which is at heart a mirror image of Castro’s neo-Leninist language of “liberation theology.”
In this context, there is a tight moral equivalence between UBL’s murderous (and now dead)Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq and Castro’s equally ruthless (and equally dead) executioner, Ernesto “Che” Gueverra, in 1960s Cuba and Bolivia. It is no surprise that these two messianic America haters and their acolytes of deceit and death enjoy such affinity. Clearly, they both subscribe to V.I. Lenin’s cynical postulation that “Religious men and women are easy to convert and win, and will easily accept our thinking if we wrap it up in a kind of religious terminology.” 
Back to Fascist Fidel

Returning to Fascist Fidel himself, and to the surprise of many “progressives” in his fan club, here is a man who, in his youth, idolized both the racist Adolf Hitler and the ego-maniacal Italian socialist dictator Benito Mussolini and who is now entering into an equally unholy alliance with bin Laden’s and Ayman al-Zawahiri’s Islamo-fascist Left.
This should make any true liberal retch in revulsion. Castro’s life-long tendencies toward policies reminiscent of Hitler and Lenin include:

  * Pervasive Racism – Although his nation’s population is almost 70% black, Castro’s inner circle has remained almost entirely white, a fact that many African American liberal leaders can conveniently ignore.
  * Anti-Semitism - From a pre-Castro Jewish community of over 5000, all but about 300 have fled Fidel’s vicious persecution. In addition, both his historic and current collaboration with a wide variety of anti-Jewish terrorist groups (including Hamas, Hezbollah, Egyptian-Jihad and even al Qaeda) define him as an anti-Semitic dictator of the first order.
  * Homophobia - As documented by celebrated Cuban exile writer Reinaldo Arenas, Castro has repeatedly herded homosexuals into brutal penal colonies. Prominent gay columnist Andrew Sullivan comments: “It staggers me how people who consider themselves ‘liberal’ and ‘enlightened’ could suck up to a man who dragooned homosexuals into concentration camps….”
  * Sexism – A womanizer in the earlier part of his 45 years in power, a still chauvinistic Fidel Castro has virtually excluded women from his Politburo (Cabinet) and from the Central Committee.
  * Imperialism - In shameless service to the former Soviet Union, Castro once had over 70,000 “liberation forces” spread across the world, helping add colonies to what President Reagan so correctly called “The Evil Empire.” Today, he conspires with Colombia’s FARC guerrillas and with al Qaeda’s suicide mass murderers, and continues his efforts to transform a formerly peaceful and democratic Venezuela into an aggressive dictatorship along the Cuban model.
  * Human Rights Violations - The record here is painfully clear. Almost five decades of his and brother Raul’s jackboot repression have trampled the Cuban people’s freedoms of press, speech, information, assembly, habeas corpus, artistic expression, independent unionism, emigration, judicial due process, privacy, property, multi-party political options, religious education, capital investment, and peaceful protest - all in the name of “social justice”.

Those naïve souls who excuse this brutal record by citing Cuba’s grassroots literacy program and broad-based (but rudimentary) health services should recall that two of Nazi Germany’s favorite bragging points involved the education of “Hitler Youth” and the physical fitness of the German people—all the better to serve the “Thousand Year Reich,” of course.

As Dr. Enrique Canton and Dr. Sergio de Paz of the Florida-based Commission of Studies for the Freedom of Cuba have observed: “... education and health are used in the island-prison as implacable instruments of ideological, mental and psychological control of the unfortunate citizens.”

The Likely Meanings of “Post-Fidel”—and of “Post Osama”

Having clearly established what Fascist Fidel’s soulless, “Socialism or Death” dictatorship is all about, we should more clearly define what a post-Fidel Cuba would be like.

Unfortunately, “post-Fidel” does not mean post-communist, or even post-Castro. Upon the old tyrant’s long-overdue demise, power will pass automatically to thuggish brother Raul Castro’s in-place, in-charge communist infrastructure—the Politburo, Central Committee, KGB-designed secret police and so-called “People’s Army.”

Tragically for the oppressed Cuban people, their post-Fidel Cuba will remain old, ugly, racist, anti-Semitic, sexist, homophobic, poverty-stricken, devoid of civil liberties and now complicit in all variety of terrorism. As the French say, “Le plus ça change, le plus c’est la meme chose.”

Its long-awaited “newness” will be akin to what World War II Germany might have become if NAZI power had passed from a charismatic and eccentric Adolf Hitler to his diabolic Gestapo chief, Heinrich Himler. It would have been different in style and tempo but equally evil—National Socialism without the loud-mouthed, ego-maniacal “charm” of its Maximum Leader.
Much the same can be expected of a post-Osama world, as well. Once a tiresome, cave-dwelling “Death to America” bin Laden is finally dispatched, many echoes of his genocidal terrorism—“Hirabah” in Arabic and “war against society” in English—will still be around to remind us of what the al Qaeda Apostasy and its plainly satanic killing machine (which today targets all Christians, all Jews and all Muslims who happen to disagree) were all about. Unfortunately, such personality-driven movements just don’t seem to die with the personality that built them. Contributing Editor Jim Guirard is a writer, speaker, and counterterrorism strategist, as well as former Chief of Staff to Senators Allen Ellender and Russell Long. His new TrueSpeak Institute is devoted to truth-in-language and truth-in-history in public discourse. Contact Jim Guirard at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 703-768-0957

Member Comments

On June 27, 2006, publisher wrote:

Mr. Guirard,

The title of your article is Post-Castro Continuity yet you only devote one or two paragraphs to your topic and spend the majority of the article bashing some truths and some half-truths and some opinions of Fidel Castro.

I am not a Casto apologist yet just a publisher trying to get the truth out about Cuba. Funny that your sources are FAR right wing. You article contributes nothing to the Cuba debate and I find it VERY ironic that your signature line says “His new TrueSpeak Institute is devoted to truth-in-language and truth-in-history in public discourse. “

Stay out of the Cuba debate since you have no idea about the current state of Cuba.

On June 27, 2006, cubanmontrealer wrote:


On June 27, 2006, Bernie wrote:

j. guirard must be the biiggest Full Moon Clown in Miami.
His kind only seem to want Cuba to revert to the early 1950’s.

On June 29, 2006, MiamiCuban wrote:

As for Cuba’s “rudimentary health services”, I imagine that Mr. Guirard doesn’t know about how many Americans have traveled to Cuba for medical care that they cannot afford in the U.S., or for specialty eye care and surgery with Cuba’s innovative doctors.  My own daughter was cured of a dermatological problem with one visit to Cuba, after I grew exhausted of repeated visits to a dermatologist in the U.S.  I fail to understand what is so “rudimentary” about Cuba’s health services.  Publisher is right:  Mr. Guirard should avoid speaking about things he obviously knows nothing about.

On June 29, 2006, Steven Mansour wrote:

“This is particularly true when just to his south an oil-rich Venezuela [...] is flirting with the murderous likes of [...] Syrians, the Iranians, the North Koreans, and every other anti-Western radical on the planet.”

Wow. This is to be the single most ignorant “opinion” I’ve read on this site in a very, very long time.

It’s fascinating to analize how American society has slowly been skewed to allow for such a form of overt, not-so-thinly-veiled racism. As a person of Middle Eastern decent having lived both in the US and many months in Cuba, the stinging racism prevalent in the former made me prefer my time in the latter by far.

Hrm. I’m starting to think that Che wasn’t so crazy when he was talking about all this “new man” stuff… :\

On June 30, 2006, MiamiCuban wrote:

Steven: funny you should mention the “new man”.  I agree with you.  And Che’s vision of a new man is very much in step with Jesus Christ’s vision of a new kingdom on earth, where everyone loved and accepted their neighbor as an equal, where there was no exploitation of the rich against the poor, no material possessions, etc.  (very different from the so-called Christianity of today).  John Lennon also caught this vision beautifully in his song “Imagine.”

On July 01, 2006, Ralph wrote:

DIsgusting,No comments,Just none hits the nail in the head.Horrible comparison,disgusting and malicious comments over theological issues,Publisher,I have to say on behalf of the genuine readers of this blog,
that this is the very last strow that I have ever read in my whole life.

On July 03, 2006, MiamiCuban wrote:

Ralph: Notice that I did not defend armed struggle as a means to achieve lasting peace and an equitable society.  Obviously, this is not what Christ taught.  I merely compared the “vision” of the two men in terms of what they believed was obtainable for humanity.

On July 03, 2006, Ralph wrote:

Miamicuban: Well,you know as i do,that the figure of Ché is very controversial
one,I grew up with the best side of his personality so I am still see him as a
inteligent dreamer with a strong willingness and with success and failures,
as any human being,I don’t think he was a murderer or something like this,but
as I said earlier his personality is controversial one.your nickname prodding me
a bit,miamicuban.Yes,I am a christian man by conviction,I love the Christ who
makes Miracles and the Christ who lashed and stormed the vendors in the
synagogue as well.I read some of your comments about various issues and what you tell us about the castrism would be loveable If it weren’t incorrect.
That’s nothing but the true so help me GOD.