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Child custody question from member

Posted February 26, 2006 by dkd247 in Cuba Politics.

On the 20th of January this year. my family went on holiday to Cuba.  We were staying in my girlfriends family home in, Nuevitas, Camaguey.

All was ok until the 26th when my now ex girlfriend and her parents, took my son and disappeared until I left Cuba.

I reported it to the police in Nuevitas, but I have no way to find out what has happened.
I have spoken with the British / Cuban embassy but they can do little for me.
I have spoken with Mayelin my Girlfriend, with regards to returning to Gran Canaria with our son, but she wishes to remain in Cuba.

This is the problem, with Mayelin remaining in Cuba, it stops me from seeing my son, traveling to Nuevitas from here takes 2 days and costs a lot of money and time.  My son is today 17 months old, the bonding stage between us both can be damaged if he remains so far away. He will need a new visa on the 18th March for him to stay in Cuba, as his father, I would like to ask the Cuban government to refuse him a new visa and let him return to the family home.
If you can offer any advice or help with the return of my son, if this is not your department, please can you forward my Information on the the correct department or advise me of there details so I can.

Also one of my fears are, Mayelin would of by now applied to the court in Camaguey for the custody of our son John.  I am unable to object or voice myself from the lack of information.  If I had a fax number or an email address, or some way to inform the Judge that I love my son and I have not abandoned him, he may not over rule me.

Please help me in any way you can…
My Girlfriends name is Mayelin Harvey (Toledo, Poncee de Leon). 
My Son’s name is John Philip Dye, he is a British Citizen and was born here in Las Palmas Gran Canaria.
My name is David Keith Dye
Kind regards
David Dye

(Publisher note: This post is unedited and information provided by our Havana Journal member. We have not attempted to confirm any information.)

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