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Fidel Castro in American music video!

Posted January 26, 2006 by YoungCuban in Cuba Politics.

Fidel goes animated.

I recently started searching for old acquaintances I had lost touch with during the past few years after getting married, one such acquaintance I knew I’d surely find as he is a popular underground music recording artist in the dance music field.
Sure enough, after one search entry, his name pops up, Michael M. is now on my found list, while other’s seem to have dropped off the face of the earth or lost from the music industry, an industry I spent many years in.
Not to my surprise, I found articles on Michael M. about his latest musical release entitled “Dear Diary” a song some may say is promoting drug use, but in fact it’s a tale of Michael’s own personal journey as a struggling musical artist trying to get club DJ’s to play his record.
The song it’s self is of a controversial nature to some extent, but it is his music video that caught the interest of the public eye, a video parody of the famed “South Park” cartoon starring Michael M. himself along with the likes of Madonna,the R2 D2 robot of Star Wars films and many other stand out celebrity figures, but after one begins to watch the video, there, plain as daylight is the well known persona in full animation of Cuban leader, Fidel Castro.
With Michael being the son of Cuban parents, it sort of baffled me to see Michael use the likeness of Fidel Castro in one of his music videos, Michael has always been the controversial type, but his addition of Castro in his video did catch me off guard.
Fidel’s animation image in Michael’s video is not being portrayed as a comedic figure, he is not playing the role of a bartender, waiter nor go-go dancer, Fidel’s animation image is seen dancing and having a good time inside of a night club, hob knobbing with the rest of the animated celeb’s, but not just dancing, Fidel in the Michael M. “Dear Diary” video is seen heavy hitting with the elite, with the major players, in the night clubs VIP room exclusive area.
This lead me to contact Michael for this short interview.
Q. Long time no see, glad to finally hear from you again.

A. Good to hear from you also, you’re the lost one, I’ve always been here.
I just read the reviews for Dear Diary, saw the video and heard the song, good job, well done.
Michael.- Thank you, I try.

I’ll cut to the chase, you used Fidel Castro’s image in the video, why?
Michael.- The question is,why not? Fidel is a major political figure, plus I thought people would get a kick out of it (he laughs)
Perhaps viewers would get a kick from it,IF, you had Fidel as a go-go dancer or in a funny comedic role,but instead you have Fidel in the VIP room dancing?
Michael - Is he not a VIP? After all he is,like it or not, a leader of a country.
That is true, but some may say, especially the Cuban community, a community you are a part of, that you are glorifying Fidel Castro in your video having him in the hard to reach area of a night club VIP room.
Michael - I have always been a bit controversial, never political, I know what Fidel has or has not done, I just thought I’d add him as I found the idea funny, I was just being creative.
Q. Do you idealize Castro in any way or do you feel hate towards him?
Michael. - None of the two, I cannot hate anyone that hasn’t personally done any harm to me directly and as far as idealizing him goes, I don’t, but I do however respect all leaders of every country, whether one views them as bad or good, they are leaders and for that, they should all get some sort of respect.
Q. Did you know many say Fidel looks down upon the homosexual community in Cuba and has basically humiliated them by not recognizing homosexual’s in Cuba in public?
Q. As a homosexual artist, doesn’t that strike a cord with you?
Michael - One, I do not live in Cuba, so he has no effect on me nor my life, Two the only cord that strikes me are the ones I try to reach while I am recording.
Thank you Michael and good look with your future endeavors.
Michael M. You’re very welcome and stay tuned for my next release, may be I’ll put Che in my next video. (he laughs).
You can [url=][/url] search Michael M “Dear Diary” video to view the video for yourselves.

Actually is a funny video.

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On January 26, 2006, freedomfighter wrote:

Castro is an assasin, tortures his own people, lines his pockets with European and Canadian investments, sends kids to slave camps to cut surgar cane in the summer??? Are you out of your mind???

Look around Havana and tell me people are free to practice thier own idealogies, look at what happened to religion, though he may have changed his ways slightly in the last ten years, it does not make up for 37 years of demoralizing human being to be puppets of a dying idealogy…though Nike shoes does not bring happines, the freedom to buy it if you wish should be your choice!

Globalization is not a product of the US, it is a product of the free world, how can a country alienate themselves so much and think thier revolution will be successfull, what a joke!

On February 03, 2006, YoungCuban wrote:

Link to the video is