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Posted January 25, 2006 by YoungCuban in Cuba Politics.

Cuba blocks U.S. electronic sign

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One day after hundreds of thousands of Cubans were forced to march in
front of the US Interests Section in Havana, Cuban workers were seen
this morning carrying building materials to begin a “building project”
in front of the US building.

Castro seems to be so scared of Cubans being able to read the truth,
that he would probably spend millions of dollars trying to block their
view of the news ticker that began operating on January 16.

EFE News Agency contacted a spokesman for the Interests Section who
said that it was “very clear it is a type of wall, or at least
something that would serve to block the view of our electronic
sign.” “This demonstrates very clearly that the Cuban government has
great fear of dialogue and of the uncensored spread of information
among the Cuban people,” the diplomat said.

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Member Comments

On January 25, 2006, ElaineMiami wrote:

I don’t think it’ a “fear of dialogue” as the article says.  Cubans have every right to block these messages which are only intended to provoke and undermine the Cuban government.  Cuba is a soverign nation, and as such has every right to put up this wall.

On January 26, 2006, ROLO wrote:

Servering the flow of communication is sapping more the cuban
stance than to accept it and just go into the spat in which
the cuban government would be telling its views and attitude.
To the best of my knowledge the Sina presents thoughts of -
Luther King,Mathama Gandhi,wallesa,who are well known out of
the conservative henchmen,they are well reputed prsonalities,
so it seems to be that cuba decision to block the view of the
board is simply Wrong and it is against of themselves.Go to
the old trenches is now a big failure,old trenches are just
very old and useless ones.

On January 27, 2006, ElaineMiami wrote:

Except this flashing ticker is hardly a “flow of communication”. Cubans are well aware of who Martin Luther King and Gandhi are and what they stood for.  These messages are a brazen act of provocation, and the wall (if it is in fact a wall that is being built) is merely a way of saying “you have no power over us”.  It could be argued that perhaps it would be best to simply ignore what Parmly is doing.  But this is one of those difficult situations where it’ hard to foresee all possible outcomes.  The bottom line is that what Parmly is doing is definitely not meant for the good of Cuba.

On January 28, 2006, ROLO wrote:

Isolation,Elaine,is barely a good remedy.Maybe Parmly is pushing beyond the line of “‘Normal” diplomacy,but whatever
is,it seems to me and to many more that all those resources
to build a wall or whatever,should be addressed to the betterment of the houses,some sadly shanty ones,in which,for
various reasons,are living a lot of cubans,the feeling of being
provoked is hard,but the wrong answer to, is harder,to me the way
of facing such a situation is to say planty to the sina that
they couldn’t do such a thing and that wont be tolerated,if they
insist on,well,the swiss legation is the one responsible and
they have to act,if not shut is just,like that.You can
imagine building a wall to interfere with reading of those messages or thoughts on the electronic billboard in your own
country,that makes no sense at all.

On January 28, 2006, ROLO wrote:

Let me add,please,that the use of groups in a Gestapo-like
way to hamper foreigner to talk,to exchange opinions with
the cuban dissidents,genuine cubans,as much the cuban revolutionary people are,is a blatant disregard of the elementry
core of the Human Rights,so it seems to me that the cuban
authorities shouldn’t allow such a thing.

On January 30, 2006, yumaguy wrote:

Keep in mind that electronic billboard can be placed in MANY countries besides Cuba.

What about Saudi Arabia, a monarchy?

Oops, forgot. They’re our “friends” despite all the Saudis behind 9/11, plus they give us lots of oil!!  wink  wink

And how about undemocratic China?

Oops, sorry, no can do! smile  They own lots of our T-bills plus we get to buys lots of stuff on the cheap from them because they’re manufacturing costs are rock-bottom. . . like my $60 wireless router! grin)

Since we can’t pick on someone our own size, it’ best we stick to easy targets like little Cuba. . .  :0)

On January 30, 2006, ROLO wrote:

Robledo,American Politics and others are sometimes an oxymoron.
Depends on nasty interest very much so,than in moral values instead.When you see as a whole the american historical way to make Politics you can see many oximorons:Saying that and doing
the opposite one,but it is usual to see in umpteen countries
as well,however my beef is that the cuban authorities has not
to dilapidate money in building walls,but in building houses
for the cubans in need instead,the correct answer to the sina
war of words,in my opinion is to set up a big electronic billboard on which be showed the unarmed and blasted plane by
Posada Carriles under Cia,the mishandelings of the occupiers
in Irak,the bombarding a “sovereign country’ within the frame
of the war on terror and just killing more innocent civilians
than terrorist ones,the disregard towards the latin-american
countries,etc,etc.-Of course,doing that the cuban authorities
has to give the evergreen Right to the genuine Cuban dissident
groups to exist,to express their opinions,to constribute to
the change of the country for the better,etc,etc,

On February 07, 2006, J Matthew Bullock wrote:

I think the sign is perfect.  The fact that it is being covered up is even better. Cuba is a sovereign country, the US is too. Except I can listen to Radio Havana, and talk about how Castro is the peoples great leader right on the courthouse lawn and not get arrested! This wall is simply an attemt to cover Cubas shame.

On February 07, 2006, Rolo wrote:

Beyond my critics to the cuban government, I was delighted to see the
flags,cause they are remembering my friends and fellows of the blasted
unarmed plane,decades ago,young fellows,remarkable fencing sportmen,
who bright future from was stopped by a notorious mass murder,I am talking
about my dudes at that time,but also about all the other passengers,innocent ones,who were killed by Posada’masterminded Crime and
it is beyond my imagination that the Bush administration frees him,because it
is obvious that he is a Culprit and don’t take me wrong,I am a dissident,but
I try being a decent dissident .I have many con over the castrism,but Today
I am happy,you know.If Palmy can or cannot behaves like this,on according of
the international diplomatic conventions,I don’t care about it,I am happy because my friends are remembered and the Mathama Ghandi,MLKing thoughts
should be set up in China,in the Saudi Kingdom,etc,etc.