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Anti-Imperial rally against US aggression in Havana today

Posted January 24, 2006 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Fidel Castro speech on Monday January 23 |

The U.S. government is deliberately pursuing the following objectives:

First: To release terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, whom the authorities of that country including the father of the current president trained and utilized to commit monstrous crimes against the people of Cuba. This repugnant character was recruited in 1961 and trained since then to fulfill special missions in the mercenary Bay of Pigs invasion; subsequently trained to commit repugnant acts of terrorism against Cuba, for which he received sterling instruction together with Orlando Bosch, and then amnestied by Bush Sr. when he was president. He was also trained to participate in Operation Condor, an international terrorist organization that committed odious crimes against Latin American figures; he was the organizer and mastermind of the sabotage in full flight off Barbados of the Cubana Aviation passenger plane on October 6, 1976, which cost the lives of 73 people. He was sprung by the CIA from prison in Venezuela on August 18, 1985; immediately linked to the dirty war on Nicaragua by supplying weapons from El Salvador and transporting drugs to the United States. Luis Posada Carriles has always maintained close links with the U.S. intelligence agencies and was funded by governments in that country and, for more than 40 years, utilized via the Cuban-American Foundation in assassination attempts on the Cuban president. He was set free due to moves by the current U.S. president via a pardon signed by the then president of Panama, Mireya Moscoso, on August 26, 2004. He was taken under U.S. protection to a Central American country, he was authorized to clandestinely enter U.S. territory, which he did between March 18-20, 2005 aboard the yacht Santrina crewed by the notorious terrorist Santiago Alvarez, strangely enough now in prison for arms running and serious violations of the U.S. security laws. Nobody in the world can deny these truths.

Second: The current U.S. government has totally failed in its plans to isolate and economically strangle Cuba, is not resigned to that failure and is growing desperate.

THIRD: The U.S. government has done everything possible to satisfy the wishes of the Cuban-American terrorist mafia, which took President George W. Bush to the disputed presidency of that country via fraud in Florida.

Fourth: President Bush and his government are committed to the macabre plan of transition for Cuba, a gross interference in the sovereignty of our country, which would lead it to centuries of backwardness.

Fifth: The U.S. government has adopted all measures to deprive Cuba of totally legitimate income by blocking the sending of remittances and by having recourse to the inhuman procedure of forbidding or creating maximum difficulties for residents of that origin to make family visits.

Sixth: As a result of pressure by the Cuban-American mafia, the U.S. government proposes to overtly violate the Migratory Agreements with Cuba as one of its first steps.

Seventh: The U.S. government is seeking pretexts to prevent at all costs the sale of agricultural products to Cuba, which has been taking place in growing volume without our country failing to pay one cent on the dot for five years, something that was not believed possible for a nation harassed and blockaded.

Eighth: The U.S. government, which is against the decision adopted by President Carter on May 30, 1977, proposes to force a rupture of the current minimal diplomatic links with Cuba. The gross provocations in which it is engaging from its Interests Section in Havana do not have and cannot have any other proposition.

The Bush government is well aware that no government in the world would accept such a perverse abuse of its dignity and sovereignty.

As the government of Cuba cannot have the least doubt as to that proposition it will apply the pertinent measures to counteract those provocations and, although its firmest disposition has been and is to fully meet its commitments to agriculturalists and food suppliers from the United States, who have acted in a serious and efficient manner in the fulfillment of their agreements, as long as the U.S. government does not prohibit it, it will adopt appropriate measures to prevent the consequences of that premeditated action by the present U.S. government, so that the sudden interruption in food supplies that Cuba acquires in the United States will not affect our people.

The conduct and response of Cuba to the provocations of the empire will be absolutely peaceful, but we will strike with all our moral force, and we are disposed to spill our last drops of blood in the face of any bellicose aggression of the mutinous and brutal empire that is threatening us. Let nobody forget for one instant the grandeur of that promise by General Antonio Maceo: “Whomsoever tries to seize Cuba will only come away with the dust of its blood-soaked soil, if he does not perish in the battle.”

In 26 hours time, January 24, when the status of the ferocious terrorist is reviewed, the people of the capital will march early in the morning and in all their impressive revolutionary, disciplined and united mass on the Interests Section of that fraudulent and bastard government of W. Bush, which currently constitutes the greatest threat to world peace, which has been imposed on the U.S. people.

Once again, international public opinion will receive an irrefutable testimony of what Cuba is and what Cuba thinks.

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