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Author William Blum denied US license to travel to Cuba

Posted January 12, 2006 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Prensa Latina

The US government denied a travel license to American outstanding writer William Blum to visit Cuba and take part in the 15th Havana 2006 Book Fair.

The well-known historian and political scientist said he could not attend to the launching of his book “Killing Hope” since the same US government he talks about in his book is denying him participation, a Granma daily article said Wednesday.

Killing Hope was printed in Spanish by Cuba’s Oriente Publishing House and the book relates the US interventions in different parts of the world after World War II and until mid last decade.

According to Granma, in a letter sent to the director of Oriente Publishing House, Aida Bahr, the US writer said he was pleased that his book has been published in Cuba.

Blum lamented he can not take part in Havana’s Book Fair and added that the intensified restrictions of the current owners of the White House are banning US intellectuals and artists from travelling to Cuba.

The writer said his book tells about several cases of US interventions to topple other governments which dared to challenge Washington’s imperialist campaign of imposing capitalism all over the world.

His essay on the American Empire was successfully launched in Havana´s Book previous fair, which he also did not attend.

Blum was a US State Department employee and he quit in 1967 due to his opposition to the Vietnam War.

His work devotes substantial attention to CIA interventions and assassination plots.

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