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Cuba a hotbed of intolerance in 2005, says dissident leader

Posted January 06, 2006 by Cubana in Cuba Politics.

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Wednesday,  January 4, 2006

HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya lamented Tuesday that Cuba had reverted to the “darkest days of intolerance and restriction” in 2005, with a renewed rejection of any progress toward a brighter future.

Aside from the denial of basic legal rights, the most “serious and dangerous” phenomenon was the renewed rejection of any progress, Paya said in his annual report on the island’s political climate.

Paya leads the Christian Liberation Movement, which has sought a national dialogue on Cuba’s future.

In the past, it has launched a door-to-door campaign to deliver documents on initiatives for political change, including the Varela Project, which petitioned for a referendum to relax some of the Communist island’s stricter laws.

Paya won the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for human rights in 2002.

Member Comments

On January 07, 2006, ROLO wrote:

The fear of giving space to stay to the cuban dissident population is,beyond any doubt,the weakest point in the
way the cuban government handle the political turmoil in
Cuba.Why are they scared from? A shady bussiness never yield
a sunny life,so let the opposition makes its job,one of the
things which is required in any society is the opposition against the mistakes,wrongdoing of the people on power.As long
as the cuban society evolves and give the fair place to the
dissidents groups will come more and more problems and the
problems are not good for anybody and for anything.Paya is
right the level of intolerance is outrageous.

On January 09, 2006, ElaineMiami wrote:

Any chance this new level of intolerance could be primarily as a result of the economic situation, rather than political?  And could the worsening economic conditions, assuming this is true, have anything to do with the tightening of sanctions against Cuba?  Such as the new travel restrictions on Cuban Americans wishing to travel to the island?

On January 09, 2006, ROLO wrote:

It seems to me the political background is decisively in the
Cuban spectrum,many people want to be free,in the way freedom
is wanted by Humankind and anyway economics and politics are
very linked issues,of course many of the decision of rules
took into account by the americans in MY Wiew are wrong,banning
of travelling is by any standard atrocious,but in the cuban side blunders are a lots,the cuban government has some undeniable achievements,that’ why I could never understand those fears on opening the political spectrum,so as to the
dissidents could play their role,take no account of that is a
blunder,like for instance to ban to travel to Brussels las
damas de blanco to get what they deserve,las damas de blanco
are not american tools,are not european tools,they are,just a
genuine manifestation of the vox populi,why keep imprisoned
many cubans just for speak the word out of the governmental
speech? It is naive to say the cuban situation is only economical one,because it is blatant that is not and iit seems
to me the intransigence is the real disease.-