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Like begets like?

Posted November 01, 2005 by I-taoist in Cuba Politics.

It is a great irony that south Florida, post hurricane Wilma, is now living the life that most Cubans have known for the last forty years:  Power outages, uncertain water supplies, lack of basic services, stores with empty shelves � a life of scrambling for the basics of existence.

While no sane person can look on this suffering with glee, from the standpoint of karmic justice, it may be instructional.  While Cubans suffered mightily from the protracted effect of our economic embargo (aided by the ineptness of the communist system), south Floridians largely turned a blind eye.  These closest neighbors to Cuba had little care for the hardships and suffering on the island caused by their indifference, feeling it was just deserts for a communist country.  Forgetting the very real effect on average Cubans, most south Floridians supported the policies of the U.S. to help starve Cubanos into submission.  They also overlooked the secret war on Cuba by the ultra radical elements in their own midst, the extreme militants (terrorists) within the Cuban-American exile community. 

Karmic justice implies that basically “what goes down, comes around.”  It is the other side of the golden rule.  What we do to others will be done to ourselves. 

“Like begets like” is a universal law by some reckoning. 

As south Floridians, and especially Cuban-Americans, experience life without electricity, clean running water, gasoline, easily accessed food supplies and as they constantly struggle for the basic necessities of life, they should perhaps give a thought to their neighbors to the south whose similiar suffering they have ignored or encouraged —lo, these many years.

John Bomar    

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