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Is Castro bad for Cuba but good for hispanics

Posted October 13, 2005 by bobbi in Cuba Politics.

Fidel Castro has been in power in Cuba for 47 years. He changed his Country from Capitalist country to Socialist or Marxist-Lennist Country. And He with Che Guevara want to spread social revolution to Latin America and the Carribean.

They say that the US Embargo has prevented Cuba from coming a powerful socialist Country in the American, and with the crack down on dissedents,economy, and the killing and the torturing of enemies of Cuba government, has not made Fidel Castro a likible person to Miami Cubans, who seem to be his victims. But what has a those year of tumbing his nose at the U.S. and surving the “Bay of Pigs” other assassination atempt. Has it paid of? Maybe not for Cuba yet. But it sure has for Hispanic as whole who are flooding to the United States at alarming rate, NAFTA and KAFTA free trade agreements, and Out sourcing job around the world. Is Castro of Socialism the reason behind all this. Are Socialism finally winning the war in Latin America and the Carribean and has Cuba been the sacrificial lamb all time to suffer greatly for the benefit of social revolution in the America? And are Hispanics see those benefits now? And if Fidel Castro is not response for the spread secretly of social revolution then why are US signing trade deal with Latin American which for years the ignored, Why is the U.S. out sourcing to India and China and Why is the U.S. let in so many Mexican and other Latin Americans. Are they being force to by socialist?

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On May 24, 2006, Hiram E. Varona wrote:

Fidel castro has been ruling Cuba since he took power in January of 1959. he never proffesed to Communism at any time he was a “rebel” in the “Escambray” mountains in the easternmost part of Cuba, nor did he ever answer truthfully when asked by the media after his rise to power. Instead he denied ever sympathising with the communists, and criticized those who accused him of communist ideas. It was not until December of 1961, that Fidel finally made the statement, “I’m a Leninists a Communist and so what?”

There are those who state very matter of factly that Fidel embraced communism only after the U.S Eisenhewher Administration turned down requests for foreign aide by Fidel. The fact is that in 1958 Cuba was a latin country with little or no foreign debt. In 1952 Cuba produced over 12 million metric tons of sugar which it sold in the world markets, and then it paid off it’s foreign debt, and then proceeded to give away the surplus to third world nations! When Fidel Castro took over the Havana goverment in 1958, Cuba was one of the richest nations in latin america. The standard of living in Cuba was surpassed by only the richest of countries in the western world.

In the 1960’s Fidel Castro began doing what he had assured everyone he would not do. He nationalized private companies in Cuba. These coorporation were half cuban and half belonging to interests in the U.S. By law all businesses had to have a 75% Cuban ownership. The Eisenhewer Administration placed an embargp on Cuba based on the fact that those properties had been seized in Cuba. Some 47 years later Fidel Castro has not returned a single asset, nor has he compensated the owners for these properties. But what he was doing in the mean time really took the cake. he began executing thousands who had served in the cuban military, along with anyone who dared to say anything against him. In charge of these executions was a young Argentinian by the name of Ernesto Che Guevara. They killed until there was little else to kill, then they found reasons to kill even though there was little to charge those they were killing.

The Bay of Pigs Invasion was a debacle of the Kennedy brothers. Brother Bobby thought that if the invasion was carried out as planned, ” the world would look at you (Jack Kennedy) as the western Yamamotto.” And so, even though thousands had alredy established a beachhead the Jiron Beach landing site, the invasion was called off. This was seen as one the most shamefull and cowardly acts of any American president. The release of these prisoners of war was negotiated by Bobby kennedy. However after Nikita Krucheff meets with Jack Kennedy, he decides that this president is stupid enough to allow him to sneak neuclear missles in cuba. And he does! A confrontation ensues, Nikita blinks and the future of Berlin and that of millions of Cubans is negotiated Kennedy style.

The year 1965 saw the Camarioca conflict of thousands of Cubans trying to get out of cuba due to the repressive goverment there. Then president Lyndon Johnson agrees to begin “operation freedom flights”. These lasted until 1973 and well over one million Cubans are airlifted out of cvuba by the U.S.

What was communist Cuba’s economy doing while all these events occured? Cuba went from one of the most economicly succesful countries in latin america to an economy similar to that of Haiti! In 1980 Jimmy carter saw the exudus of over 80,000 in less than a few weeks. Has rest of latin america gained anything since all this occured? NO! Instead we see illegal immigration only worsen.

Has the embargo hurt Fidel Castro? No! Why? Because all of Europe, Canada, Japan, and a subsidy by the Soviet Union has sustained him the whole time! Why do they trade with Fidel? Because these countries love to hate the U.S. then say they are our allies!

Cuba is an inferno for it’s citizens. There is no medicine for common ailments, yet the communists goverment brags to the world about Cuba’s healthcare system! Going on the internet is a crime for most cubans, yet Cuba is a member of the Un “Human Rights Watch”!

Why has Cuba laste so long under a COMMUNIST system? Study yhour geography, Cuba is an island surrounded by water. It took Cubans almost 400 years to finally overtrhow the Spaniards, we can only hope the with the world with it’s eyes wide awake, it will not take as long to get rid of communism!