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Afro-Cuban after Castro?

Posted October 10, 2005 by bobbi in Cuba Politics.

What will be the future for that 62% of Mullatoes and 11% for pure African they call Afro-Cubans. Alot of Afro-Cubans have supported Fidel Castro for decades and with the promise of greater freedom and racial equality on the Castro governmemt.

Some Afro-Cubans would say they have made greater improvements in the Castro government with a number of Afro-Cuban that have been including in so far take of land by rich white cubans and give to poor Afro-Cuban, in education,  and right for Minorites, in health, relegion like Saneteria,  and social programs. Castro has fault of the Sides of African regime in Angola and Ethiopia and Bathswana. and has supported African leader like Nelson Mandela and Mumar Qaudafi, in there fight against Emperialism in Africa. All of these were much greater under Castro then Bapista or other Cuban Government in the past. However Both with Anti-Castro and Pro-Castro White Cuban there is the feel the Afro-Cuban are lower than the average white Cuban no matter wheather if Afro-Cuban is well off both educationally and financially; He or she is still a nigger in the eyes of most white Cubans unless the Anti-Castro or in Cuba Pro-Castro the Afro-Cubans are being pulled on both side to support two who lack total respect for them. Yes, Some White Cuban may worship Santeria, eat Afro-Cuban food, and listen to Afro-Cuban music. But are White Cuban really serious about inproving the lifes of the majority of Cuban who are Afro-Cuban. not White?

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On October 10, 2005, cuba2k-NY wrote:

  Bobbi….Leave your racist garbage out of OUR CUBAN AFFAIRS….The fact that according to you 62% of the population is mulato,Says that we are a multiracial people…..We have been for centuries.It was in fact the Americans that introduced that hateful segregation to Cuba during the pre-Castro republic.Blacks and whites have always lived side by side.
  So according to you,Fidel,a white Cuban,has done alot for blacks right ??? Look at the national assembly.It is as diverse as the skin tones in Cuba…..white women,black men…white men,black women…..together.
  My brother was right about one thing.He said when Fidel goes,all the angry blacks like YOU,Sharpton and Jackson are going to meddle in Cuban affairs…...
  We (Cubans) have alot to resolve after Castro´s death.It will be messy,it will have no skin color and it will come from all over for we are in Europe,US and South America…Some top dissidents are black and mulato as well as Cuba´s national heroes like Maceo,Gualberto Gûmez,Crombet,etc…..We will return to OUR homeland with new blood from the 45 year diaspora.
  Take your bigoted garbage and go elsewhere.You know nothing of Cuba except what you have read in leftist books.You certainly have not been to Cuba except maybe as a tourist !!!Castro´s Cuba is an APARTHEID state regardless of the color of the Cuban´s skin.Think about that for a while.
  As a Cuban-American of Spanish heritage,I have no ambitions to regain my family´s home.All I dream of is walking down the street of any city in a CUBA LIBRE !!!!!

        A “white” Cuban,NYC…...waiting for his homeland


On October 10, 2005, bobbi wrote:

My ancestor were spanish and french Jewish-gypsies who married black mulattoes or creole that came from as French Planter from Cuba around 1803 to 1809 to Louisiana. I know still have some descendants or Afro-romani there in Cuba that would like to see one day, so I don’t like to be class in the same group as Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, I think that statement was racist in it self. And to pretend all the racial discrimination that Afro-Cuban have indure over the century is going to be suddently going to wash alway is a fool notation especially when you a great majority of Afro-Cuban support Castro revolution. When Castro is gone who be the enenmy then? The Afro-Cuban will the enenmy. Believe there were gain Afro-Cubans under the Castro government. What will happen to those gain. The mostly white Cuba come flooding back into Cuba and take over the will have the money to control everthing and Afro-Cuban will not; and speaking of Apartheid. If Cuba did turn back into a Democracy I would it to be model like the South African Govenment then I will know Afro-Cuban will not just be left out and we be intergated into the new system. Cuba have many reaward to claim from the world for it years of stuggle and sacrifice, and now It can reclaim them and I not talk about Communism I am talk about the revolution. revolution is everywhere in South America and the Carribean thank to Cuba and Cuban are the reason why. CUBA LIBRE!! Yes! But aslo VIVA REVOLUSION!!!. The is the revolution you can’t see but it will make Hispanic in this country and the Americas a powerhouse in the future. I will make Monorities the Majority in these Country. And maybe a Black or Hispanic President one day soon. and Azland or the American South west will be dominated by Hispanic soon All of these things were part of the revolution it was about more then just Cuba and Fidel. It was about all of us. And we are finally winning now. and Cuba was the sacrificial lamb.

On June 28, 2006, Cuban from Miami wrote:

Well, as a white Cuban-American I could say there is a great amount of alienation between white and colored cubans, not because any are superior or inferior to the other, but because in the end, both sides are different. It is a missconception to say there are no tensions between Cubans or in Cuba because that is a lie, the only reason this is said is because of the fact that Cuba has a government under which all of its people are “equal”. So true… everyone is poor… everyone suffers… they do that together because there is no choice… however, the top communists are not colored people, the white race still controls government affairs, it is true that descrimination has not yet faded… Taking into account the idea stated by Bobbi, there is alot of sense in what he is saying regarding the fact that we might control the island… yet, nothing that the communist-cuban government has given blacks was theirs to beggin with… the houses… etc… I do not believe it is fair to nationalise everything and make everyone equal… did anyone ever work the lands of my ancestors? Let me clarify that the things the cuban government took away from the exiles belonged to us because we earned it… and it is not racist, it just so happens… as coincidence… that the people with name were of caucasian origin, therefore, when communism comes to a halt in the island… and white Cuba returns to the island… yes, we will have the means to invest, control, and govern… it is not because we are white… its just because it so happens that we are the elite of the country and the educated part of the population… without us, there is no Cuba, and that is reflected by the present state of the island and its people. So, Bobbi, if you desire to meet your Cuban family, you must also accept the inevitable change that is to come to the region… history repeats itself… Communism is a failure… Let me also state that you are crazy… you cannot speak of communism as if it were something good or healthy for anyone or anything… let me clarify that your colored family in Cuba has nothing… no clothes… no food… no anything… the ravolution was a strike at the ruling class because envious people desired to obtain what the others had worked for with all their effort for free… I become greatly distressed when I hear people speaking of stuff they know not of and acting as if they understood everything… You do NOT understand, and actualy you are way more racist than any white person alive… If you desire “hispanic” or “colored” unity… go for it… lets see how many follow you, but keep my island out of that, we are not interested in the communist ideals of people like you or anyone with similar ideology… Please think twice before offending the white race, especialy when you take into consideration where you live… I get along with everyone but sometimes the ideology of certain people causes me to burst… and your ideology goes against the ideology of the vast majority of your nation. AND YES WE ARE WHITE AND WE HAVE A HIGH PISITION IN THE ISLAND OF CUBA (its only natural since we’re such gorgeous people anyways) smile