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Oriente newspaper of Cuba in circulation in 1938

Posted October 03, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Text scanned from 1938 Space Buyers’ Guide of Cuba listing print media in circulation at the time.

For years Oriente province waited for a newspaper that would give the public absolutely unbiased news - a newspaper free from political ties and that would be directed by a straight -forward editorial policy.

Recently such a publication appeared. That newspaper is ORIENTE, dear to every son of Oriente Province, and which, in a few short months, has scored one of the biggest editorial successes in Cuba.

ORIENTEóthe newspaperthattook the public by storm in 30 days, and today enjoys the largest circulation in the Province.

ORIENTEósells at two cents, and is the only AFTER-NOON paper in Santiago.

ORIENTEóthrough its two editions, is the ONLY paper in Santiago de Cuba published EVERY day of the week.

ORIENTEóhas a direct radio service with Havana and New York, which keeps its readers informed with up-to-the-minute news.

If you have anything to sell in Oriente, Cuba’s biggest and most populated province, advertise it in ORIENTE. Take advantage of our two-edition combination rate.

Represented exclusively by:

S. S. Koppe & Company, Inc.,
630 Fifth Avenue
New York City

Empresa Editora ORIENTE
Santiage de Cuba


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