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Posada may escape extradition to Venezuela - Opinion

Posted September 14, 2005 by I-taoist in Cuba Politics.

Posada holds information too embarrassing for U.S.?
John Bomar/Independent

If, as it now appears, Luis Posada Carriles escapes extradition to Venezuela, which supplies fifteen percent of U.S. oil,  then we had all better plan on $3.00/gallon gas for a long time. 

Posada, working out of Caracas, has been deeply implicated in the 1976 bombing of a Cubana airliner filled with teenagers.  He may have forced a deal with Homeland Security using his inside knowledge of past covert actions by the CIA in Central America and Cuba, knowledge his lawyer threatened would be “embarrassing” to the United States. 

Posada’s technical stay-out-of-jail card may come on the claim that he would be tortured if he were returned to Venezuela.  The claim was made by his attorney and corroborated by a single Venezuelan lawyer friend who testified at his hearing.  The tone of the Department of Homeland Security lawyers seems to have turned 180 degrees since Posada’s first hearing when they insisted he would be extradited to Venezuela, where he had escaped from prison by bribing his jailers. 

If, as indicated, Posada is allowed to remain in the U.S. by holding the U.S. ransom for its past misdeeds in Central America and Cuba, it will be a truly sad day for the relatives of those innocents who went down in the Caribbean on Cubana flight 405—mothers and fathers who seek justice.  It will be a sadder day still for the already shredded reputation of the U.S. in Central and South America who see us as a double-dealing and hypocritical world power with no respect for other countries laws or past treaty agreements. 

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