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Bush offers to deploy hurricane damage “assessment team” to Havana

Posted July 13, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Politics.


The United States said Cuba had declined its offer of humanitarian assistance in the wake of Hurricane Dennis that killed at least 10 people on the communist-ruled island.

Acting State Department spokesman Tom Casey said the US interests section in Havana informed the Cuban government on Sunday that the United States was prepared to provide “immediate humanitarian assistance of emergency supplies to help those Cubans affected by the hurricane.”

The Bush administration had also offered to deploy an assessment team to Cuba to help determine what relief supplies were most needed.

“Unfortunately the Castro government declined these offers,” the spokesman said in a statement.

The hurricane that passed over Cuba late last week killed 10 people and temporarily displaced another 1.5 million, according to Cuban government officials.

However, Casey urged individuals and groups to send humanitarian goods to hurricane victims in Cuba through non-governmental organizations.

“We will continue to work through appropriate non-governmental organizations to deliver relief provisions quickly and directly to the Cuban people,” he said.

Member Comments

On July 13, 2005, publisher wrote:

Last hurricane President Bush offered $50,000 in relief aid. Gee, you wonder what generous offer was made this time yet Cuba is made to look bad for rejecting aid.

I’m sure the “assessment team” would not consist of CIA agents or old Cuban exile flunkies.

On July 14, 2005, I-taoist wrote:

Rob is exactly right.  The last aid offered by the Bush administration was an insult. 

Kick them in the face, help deprive them of food on their meager tables, deny them the comfort of their family in times of illness or death, limit how much assistance families can send to the most needy ones, and make the family criminals for trying to help through third countries.  Then tell them how much you care for them.  This is our policy toward average Cubans.