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A diiferent model still hard to accept

Posted July 09, 2005 by free2form in Cuba Politics.

Why is it that people cant accept that Cuba is different than the US, the EU, or any region.

Its not communism as its come to be known in such a horrible way, its real unity with inhearent leadership, someone who actually represents the people, who is of the people. In the rest of the world an ideal, in Cuba a reality.

The current model for Cuba’s operating is a democracy, choice was excersized by the people in 1959, and the reason theres been no need to have this multiple party percieved democracy we talk of and live in, is because Cuba isn’t full of beuracrats and greey fat cats trying to run things all battling for control, and hense competing as party’s. Cuba kicked those people out when they founded the peoples revolution. Its so refreshing when you read any of the words of Fidel Castros, Che Guevara, you can feel a person there, nothing conrived, just people trying to understand their world, and making very smart empathetic decisions.

Such a contrast to the extremely detatched suit and make-up wearing whatever they are superstar TV personality/world leaders. Thre is no trust in these people from anyone in touch with their soul. These people have excessive wealth, they speak ignorantly, with no real conviction, reciting the words of marketing communications experts, what for? for us?, ofcourse not, for themselves, for the inetrests they represent, which is not the individual.

Many of the truths in todays world are quite simple and obvious, yet they are rarely realised, as in our great democracies, unfortunately (or more expectantly), all of our media channels have been aquired and merged into mostly 1 of 7 global media giants. And they all want us to consume more media, so that we are tuned in to whatever they say is happening, so they can shape our thoughts and feelings. From there stand point it would be counter profit to have us all realise simple truths and no longer need a fattening diet of junk science, entertainment, and news.

So what is this democracy that promotes entertainment, Why do we as supposedly empowered individuals need to be entertained by someone else, what is missing from our lives configuration that leaves us looking outside for something as fundamental as laughter, joy, entertainment.

I’ll go one more paragraph before i make my point clear on my view of Cuba’s political stance.

So in this democracy, growing by the day, i find myself as a non US citizen, completely powerless as to whether or not someone is elected to go to war. In this new global democracy, if you dont live in the US, you dont have a say, you just have to accept what the US has decided. This is exactly what a democracy is not, but it is what they are preaching. Its deceipt at levels that most people can simply not comprehend or feel like they can act apon, which is why people fail to acknowledge it.

So maybe now i can come to Cuba, a place which has had the foresight and immense strength to resist, and continue to resist today, the disempowerment attempts by the US. 

What started as living with and empathizing with the bulk of the peoples requirements, not just an educated or wealthy minority, turned into a poweful grass roots driven government, with the leader a natural selection, not pumped up by media, someone who actually has resepct from the people. Not ignorant respect, this is a leader who talks to people, but more than that someone who has something to say for themselves.

Dispite my acknowledgement of the immensely mind numbing effects of mass media, it still amazes me that people have any sense of trust for the people who dominate the airtime in mainstream media. There words offer no inspiration as they are clearly not what they should be: A simple and clear outward projection of a complete inner state.

Cuba shows an awe inspiring long term commitment to the real causes that enable people to live healthy fulfilled lives. Our democracies to the contrary leave the individual feeling low on confidence and very isolated (evident in the billions of dollars spent on products that dont even get used, let alone the rest).

Cuba is probably as free a place on this planet. The Leaders are not class lords, tycoons, heirs from extreme wealth such as US and other country leaders, they are just regular people who have stood out among the people, people who actually represent people, and dont faulter with personal greed because of the challenging path they have taken with their people.

Why Cuba resists certain foriegn entry
The only reason Cuba (Fidel as proxy) wont let ‘journalists’ in, is becuase he can see like many of us all can how they just tell complete lies and allign a story to those with the graetest financial interests. As for economists, its Cuba’s economy, and tehy just have enough foresight to know that if they let the US in, they will rape and pillage the land and resources, and leave all the people without ownership, slaves to a foriegn machine with no soul. Look at what the media do when Fidel falls from a stage in accident, they replay it again and again to the US and world audience, knowing full well of the effects, trying to drill into people that Fidel is falling, Cuba’s leadership is falling, a complete spin on reality crafted by the US governement, intellgence, media, corporates (all the same thing), to fuel there strategies to take over Cuba, and get it back to the good old days, where you could go in with a wad of cash and pay some sellout off for some cheap labour and land.

Fidel, Che, the whle country has spent decades ridding itself of this corrupt style that the US continues to foster in countries it wants to enter. And the fact that it is still trying to do it in a country like Cuba wild with human spirit, is evident of the complete and utter disregard and disresepct the US holds for anyone who is not a US citizen, or a cozy military Ally.

Fidel has a soul. The people love him for this. His greatest pleasure is building a future with the every person, instead of taking the easy, selfish route like most do, and sell out and look after themselves.

The reason the country isnt rife with political party’s is that it would open it to corruption, and the US through all of their terrorist actions over the last 5 decades, and ther continued deceipt would be the first to try and put in a puppet government that would see a great loss to the majority of Cuban people.

If Fidel wanted to look after himself, he would sell out his land, his peoples land, their labour.

But this is exactly what he fights against people trying to do.

And since its public domain knowledge now, not that it should ever have happened or secret schemes against humanity ever be conducted, but heres the US’s approach to Cuba dating back to the start of the people of Cuba’s revolution.

The world should know of this. be educated of this, be free of this sort of inhumane behaviour. People are treated like nothing in these disgusting CIA documents.

This is the worst type of crime against humanity. One which is completely secret, and seeks to in every extent deceive and distort the truth. Fidel and Cuba are very strong human spirits to be able to survive this. US ‘intelligence’ terrorist campaigns on Cuba are a fine and disturbing example of how the worlds view is currently being distorted,

Planting people as dissendents pretending their is an actual uprising of people is tricking the mass media guzzling world into thinking that Cuba is under horrible control and needs democracy.

A free and positive country is not about having a bunch of candidates and an election every 3-4 years, its about having quality people and values that evolve with the requirements of the people. Commitment to long term prosperity to all, not a few.

Go forth Cuba, wake up our world, just because we moving fast doesn’t mean we’re going anywhere good.


Member Comments

On July 09, 2005, Mako wrote:

The natives are growing restless. I returned from Havana 3 days before Hurricane Dennis arrived.I have been going to Cuba for a long time and I see growing discontent. Longer and more frequent blackouts, food scarcer and of poorer quality, more beggars that have fallen through the socialist safety net ;it is beginning to look like a second “special period” The leadership is losing the hearts and minds of the younger generation.They are getting more vocal and outspoken than I have ever seen. If things don’t improve quickly, it could get interesting

On July 09, 2005, publisher wrote:


Thanks for the insight. We are always looking for information “from the ground” in Cuba. Mind you we are not looking for bad news only. We want to hear about the good things about living in Cuba as well.


On July 09, 2005, Mako wrote:

Not “just bad news”; just the unfortunate reality. The Cuban people are fabulous . This is just my most recent observation.
I am not an embargo supporter; I feel all it does is punsh the Cuban people.However, for for various reasons the standard of living of the Cuban people seems to be declining.

On July 09, 2005, greslogo wrote:

The natives have been restless for a very long time now, imo. Some are just starting to get more daring, more vocal.

Frustration is high, maifesting itself in more domestic crime, robberies etc.

Do I hate Fidel ? I believe the Revolution was needed but it has passed it’ usefullness. It won’t last much longer. One can only neglect infrastructure for so long (since the 60’), before there won’t be a building standing, a water system that compeletely falls apart etc. The country has been broke since the Revolution. It was masked by the handouts from the former Soviet Union for 30 years.

The “hope” that started in the mid/late 90’, allowing some private initiative such as paladars, independant tradespeople, casa particulars etc…. is being shattered by restrictions being put on these, in an effort to stifle personal initiative. Higher taxes, no new licenses for paladars, licenses being revoked.

The recent “money grab”, making Convertible Pesos the currency of trade internally, (yes I know there is the other peso), the raising of prices accross the board last June.

Yes, the natives are getting restless.

Fidel’ big mistake was giving a certain segment of society a taste for what could be.

You don’t know what you’ll miss until it is taken away from you, goes the old saying.

I think the OP has actuallty never been to Cuba.

I’ve spent well over 2 years in Cuba, in total, for as long as 6 months at a time. I count the poorest to the mighty as friends or acquaintances.

What I see and hear is not good.

On July 10, 2005, publisher wrote:

Thanks everyone for offering such great insight into the real Cuba. So, this time it’ different?

Seriously, just like in stock market, they say this time is different but it usually is not.

So, do we predict Fidel’ demise once again only to see him find another cause to rally the people so he has just one more problem to solve?

On July 10, 2005, free2form wrote:

this is not comparable to the stock market, this is a peoples movement, something which is given no credibility in the mainstream. We all get indoctrinated with the facts about world history being all about war. Wars have been started by aggressors, colonialists, opressors, these wars were not neccesary, they were just the result of people wanting to expand and dominate. On the other side of wars (usually the people called teh enimy), were/are people who are only fighting in resistance to the war, fighting in self defense.

If you have indeed been to Cuba with your eyes truely open, not looking to enforce your existing views, you might see that it is difficult if you wish to be greedy. This is an important part of keeping a society free of the corruption and money buys anything mentality that we have in our countries.

Have any of you been to Vietnam?

Over 4 million people slaughterd, died fighting for their country. There is no defence for what the US did here, they represented no one but themselves and a very very tiny minority who sort to benefit from the country’ US/puppet government control.

The country which was apparently in the end won by the enemy from a mad US standpoint, is now as it always wanted to be, a free country run by its own people. Cant you all see that this whole push to try and run others country’ is not fair on anyone.

I again ask you to please read teh following document, which from teh comments i can see you havent. This si the informatin you should be seeing, it gives insight into what country’ like Cuba have had to, and continue to defend against: full scale US terrorists who have the ultimate power of the media on their side.

Apon reading this website initially i began to question its authenticity, ignoring such critical information as what i have submitted and drawing inhumane parallels to the stock/blood market is starting to make me think im best to go to other forums where people are actually coming to open there minds, not re-enforce what they already believe.

Nothing in the world will ever resolve until the activity’ of interference are removed.

And until the US does this they should be holding themselves responsible for the worlds atrocities.

Its just too easy nowadays for mainstream powers to distort truth for what ever outcome they desire.

Focus on this article please, this is the root of this posting.






On July 10, 2005, Mako wrote:

Comparing Fidel to the stock market is like comparing mutton to Mercedes… there is NO connection. For MANY reasons life is deteriorating in Cuba. Is this the last stand for the “Bearded Guy”?? Who knows??, Probably not!! No one has perservered more than him.
All I know is last week when I was in Havana,we had rolling blackouts that lasted 6-8 hours, in Camaguey and Las Tunas, 8- 12 hours. The people are really pissed off! I have never seen this level of frustration before. He will probably weather the storm. Hurricane Dennis ,ironically, might help the regime in a way similar to the U.S. embargo, a new scapegoat
Back in 1959, Cuba needed a revolution . Batista was the worst, most brutal criminal that could rule a country. If there was no Batista… there would be no Castro.