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Posada request denied

Posted June 23, 2005 by I-taoist in Cuba Politics.

John R. Bomar

Posada immigration judge denies request for move to Florida

A Texas immigration judge has ruled that Luis Posada, as requested by his lawyer, may not move his case to Florida.  Posada, implicated in the downing of a Cubana airliner in 1976, with the loss of 73 people on board, and a string of hotel bombings in Cuba that killed an Italian tourist, had argued that having the hearing in El Paso, Texas was a hardship.  Government prosecutors, on the other hand, cited security concerns in arguing for a stay of venue.

Recently, Venezuela presented the U.S. State Department with formal documents outlining the details of its request for extradition of Posada on charges related to the airliner bombing off Barbados.  Posada is alleged to have coordinated the bombing attack from Caracas, using his two convicted employees to carry out the placement of the bomb on board the plane.  Posada escaped from jail in Venezuela while awaiting court actions related to his military trial there which had been ruled inappropriate to make judgement in the matter.  Venezuela also argued that its request for extradition should hold precedence over any issues of immigration for Posada, as per treaty agreement, and requested Posada’s immediate extradition. 

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On June 28, 2005, waldo wrote:

What is the USA waiting for? Posada belongs in a jail in Venezuela. Why is the USA playing delay tactics with a confessed terrorist? Does Bush really means what he said about harboring any terrorist? Is not him doing so with Posada? What credebility does the USA could then have?