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The worst news in Cuba from USAID funded

Posted June 20, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Publisher note: receives US government money and has reporters in Cuba looking for dirt. They only report bad news, never anything good.

Here is the worst news from their daily newsletter that they could find in all of Cuba today. Your US tax dollars at work:

1) Store window stoned during blackout
2) Baby food distributed three months late
3) Police search a truck and its passengers

1) Store window stoned during blackout

HAVANA, Cuba - June 16 (Jose Antonio Fornaris, Cuba Verdad /
[url=][/url] - Someone took advantage of the darkness during an electrical blackout last week to stone the display windows of a government-owned hard currency store in San Antonio de las Vegas.

A resident, Marisela Meza, said one of the windows broke, and store personnel covered up the opening with cardboard.

Electrical blackouts are common in Cuba, being programed for several
hours nightly to save electricity.

2) Baby food distributed three months late

SANTA CLARA, Cuba - June 16 (Karel Castillo, Cubanacán Press /
[url=][/url] - Residents here complain that the cans of baby food the government released for distribution under the quota system this month were three months late.

Customers at the 8 de octubre commercial center complained to the manager about the delay and the man told them: “I have nothing to do with that; complain to the directorate of internal commerce.”

Children under the age of three are entitled to buy three- 330 ml
(approximately 11 ounce) cans of baby food a month under the rationing

3) Police search a truck and its passengers

MANICARAGUA, Cuba - June 16 (Alaún Ramon Gomez, Cubanacán Press /
[url=][/url] - Police stopped a truck transporting some 20 passengers between Manicaragua and the provincial capital, Santa Clara, and searched the passengers.

After police stopped the truck June 11, officers asked all passengers
to step down from the truck’s bed, where they were riding, and searched
each, presumably looking for coffee or any other produce that they
might have been carrying with the intention of selling it, which is illegal
in Cuba.

Police allowed the truck to proceed after the search yielded no illegal

Member Comments

On June 20, 2005, I-taoist wrote:

Rob is correct, this web-site is tainted by U.S. government money.  One can only expect propaganda news there, an American response to Granma. 

Very indicative of past and present policy under Mr. Bush.  U.S. Policy?  One wrong times one wrong equals one right.

On June 21, 2005, Cubana wrote:

As I have pointed out before if you want to read “good” news about Cuba you only have to read Granma. However, as Granma is a state controlled organ (as it proudly proclaims on its front page) you will only find propaganda there. Are you alleging that the stories on Cubanet are untrue? What they show are daily life for Cubans under the Castro regime and for that reason Cubanet performs a vital purpose and your regular carping does you no service.

On June 21, 2005, publisher wrote:

I’m not saying the any Cubanet stories are not true. Actually I am confident that they are all very true. My problem is the money they recieve and the stories they report.

They ONLY report bad news and for all the people who write for Cubanet, all they can find are these type of bad stories.

If Cuba is such a terrible country, where are all the stories of murder, armed robberies, rapes, hijacking etc.

On June 21, 2005, Cubana wrote:

I agree there are not many murders, armed robberies, rapes, hijacking, etc in Cuba. The main reason for this is that it is such a controlled society (and also has one of the highest per capita prison populations in the world) In that respect Cuba is a “good” country (although for the wrong reasons) and I certainly feel very safe there when I visit.

Have you contacted so they can put their rationale for running the stories they do?