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16th Pastors for Peace caravan leaves for Cuba July 21 from Texas

Posted June 01, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

The Inter-religious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO) and the Pastors for Peace movement has set July as the beginning of its 16th solidarity caravan with Cuba, in open defiance of US policy against the island.

According to IFCO’s website, the caravan members will deal a blow to the US trade embargo against Cuba by delivering tons of humanitarian aid to the island, according to Granma daily newspaper.

The caravan, which will also demand an end to Washington’s threats against Havana, will begin its journey in various US cities and Canada on July 5, with the mission of collecting the goods that it will take to Cuba in spite of US government obstacles.

On July 21, participants will meet up in McAllen, Texas, from where they will leave for Tampico, Mexico, en route to Cuba.

When crossing the border, the caravan members have to confront the US customs and immigration authorities, which usually try to prevent the humanitarian aid from arriving in Cuba.

The Pastors for Peace group will land in Havana on July 23 and return to US via the same route on July 31.

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