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Should Eduardo Soto and Santiago Alvarez be arrested for harboring a terrorist

Posted April 10, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

In the story “Miami Herald calls Luis Posada “Cuban Militant” not terrorist” posted here , it says “Eduardo Soto said Posada will not show up in person until he is required to come forward for asylum interviews.”


“There will be news next week,’’ said Santiago Alvarez a Miami developer who is a close friend and financial backer of Posada.”

So, should Mr. Soto and Mr. Alvarez be arrested for harboring and even financing a convicted terrorist?

When will the main stream media ask this question?

A terrorist is a terrorist unless he is a terrorist against another government?

Member Comments

On April 11, 2005, waldo wrote:

Well, could there be such a thing as a patriot terrorists and a traitor terrorists? Or could there be simple terrorists and complex ones, or friendly terrorists and unfriendly ones? Or, could there only be foreign terrorists?
And, could main stream media editors be persuaded not to ask certain questions possibly because they are been edited by a much greather centralized power?

On April 11, 2005, yumaguy wrote:

Publisher, isn’t there a way you can bring this to the attention of the national media? CNN, Time, or one of the network news channels? After all, if this guy was accused or convicted of blowing up a plane, that’ 2 HUGE attention-getters. TERRORISM and AIRLINERS. If this guy is being protected in any way by his friends in Miami, that’ got to be a story with big eyeball potential for the mass media. . .!

On April 11, 2005, YoungCuban wrote:

I dont care who considers him or others like him a hero of sorts,he should be sent back to Venezuela or Cuba to be trialed!

Look at it this way,Bin Laden is considered a hero by many,is he not a terrorist?

Get the picture?

If the US allows this man to live in the US without facing the music one way or the other,the only ones who would lose face here is the US government,because you cannot tell a family who has a son,daughter or family member in Iraq risking their lives in the name of stopping terrorism that the US is harboring a known terrorist!

So what if he isnt considered a terrorist to the US,I bet the US would expect any country that Bin Laden is in to be brought to the US for trial,right? Of course!

The problem here lies with the Cuban exile leaders pull of geting things swung their way.

Bunch of BuSHit if you ask me!