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Elections in Cuba set for April 17

Posted April 06, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Prensa Latina

The members of the tables to work in the 37,000 electoral colleges for municipal elections on April 17 are receiving Tuesday training seminars, as part of the final touches for the event.

The tables are composed of citizens over 16 who are not legally or mentally disabled, with full electoral rights, except that they are not candidates for deputies to the Popular Power Municipal Assemblies (local governments).

So far, 8,174,000 Cubans appear in the electoral registers, which were publicly displayed for a month to verify the data. This number could increase, because any citizen with electoral rights can be included the same date for voting.

Some 378,000 Cuban youths will vote for the first time at age 16, as long as they are not legally or mentally disabled.

The citizens” data, by residence area, is registered in documents which are computerized for the first time.

Such registration, which is automatic and totally free on the Island, guarantees all people"s electoral rights in the country for their participation in the election and a week after if a re-vote is necessary.

Elections are held in Cuba every two years and a half to shape the municipal assemblies, and every five years to elect deputies to the provincial assemblies and Parliament

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How often are Presidential elections held?