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OFAC cuba travel violations update

Posted March 16, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

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The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is stepping up enforcement on Cuba travel cases.  Last month OFAC entered into 113 informal settlements, averaging a thousand dollars each, with individuals who engaged in unlicensed travel to Cuba.  Settlements almost doubled the previous months and were one of the highest since OFAC began publishing its reports in 2003.

Attorneys representing individuals in Cuba travel related cases have noticed a marked increase in requests for representation from individuals who have been contacted by OFAC for purported unlicensed Cuba travel related transactions.

In January, Judge Robert Barton - an administrative law judge with the Executive Office for Immigration Review, who was contracted by OFAC to hear Cuba travel related cases resigned his position.  OFAC recently contracted Judge Miriam Trudelle of the Federal Maritime Commission to hear Cuba cases.  At the rate OFAC is investigating travel to Cuba, they are going to need more than four judges to hear all of the cases before the five-year statute of limitations expires.

Member Comments

On March 16, 2005, YoungCuban wrote:

See you in court OFAC!

And I will as I will be contacting OFAC and many media outlets when I arrive in Havana so they can meet me back in the states!

On March 16, 2005, I-taoist wrote:

Surely, history will record this era of repression of fundamental liberty, as practiced by OFAC, as one of our sadest enterprises of our time.  One has only to look at the motives of the legislation that created this monstrocity to see its true nature.  Spawned in the reactionary fear of the cold war, artfully dodging the constitutionally declared right to travel, this “imperious” governmental agency has long been a direct threat to the ideals and values of our forefathers.  Born of unscruplous scheeming and conniving, perpetuated by repressive forces of extremism, justified by the most base impulses, this Treasury Department institution, and those who perpetuate it, are a blight on the history of our nation.