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Posted March 03, 2005 by Cubana in Cuba Politics.

Dissidents feud on Cuba’s future

From Herald wire services

HAVANA - Differences between anti-Castro groups in Cuba have erupted into the open, with dissident leader Osvaldo PayŠ accusing others of trying to discredit his movement.

PayŠ told the Spanish news service EFE that Martha Beatriz Roque, Felix Bonne and Rene Gomez Manzano, leaders of the Assembly to Promote Civil Society, were engaged in a ‘‘systematic, permanent and very aggressive’’ campaign against his Christian Liberation Movement.

He said that Roque and some ‘‘minority’’ exile groups in Miami were trying to pressure his group into attending a May 20 gathering organized by Roque’s movement, which also has invited figures like former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and former Czech President Vaclav Havel.

PayŠ said he would not take part in the encounter.

The two groups disagree on what role current Cuban officials should have in a future post-Castro Cuba. Roque argues that they should be barred from any future office, while PayŠ has called for a national dialogue and insisted that all but a few current officfials should be welcomed to participate in Cuba’s future.

Roque declined to reply, according to EFE. She was one of 75 dissidents jailed in a crackdown two years ago and sentenced to a 20-year jail term, but was released last year because of poor health.

PayŠ‘s movement promotes the Varela Project, a drive to collect signatures demanding a referendum on a broad range of reforms toward democracy.

Both groups have been scorned by Cuban President Fidel Castro, who says the dissident movement is guided and financed by Washington.

Member Comments

On March 03, 2005, jesusp wrote:

I think Mr. Paya’ views are much more realistic and fair, after all, who else in Cuba has any experience running a government than those who are doing it now?
The Miami crowd has to come to terms with reality, Cuba will be run by Cubans from Cuba, not by Cuban-Americans that have not set foot on the island for 20 or 30 years. The last thing I would like to see in a future Cuba is total economic dependency from the U.S., as in pre-revolution days.

On March 03, 2005, Summerwood wrote:

I completely agree with jesusp, that, following the death of President Castro, the course of Cuba’ destiny should be determined by all citizens of Cuba, residing within the country. 
The self-determination of the people of Iraq is being addressed by the people of Iraq, so should it be with the people of Cuba.  Cuba is a sovereign nation, and its nationals deserve the right to address their future, without interference from people who either left the island 30 - 40+ years ago, or who have never been resident in Cuba.

On March 04, 2005, waldo wrote:

Not only did they left Cuba long ago, but also had worked hard at helping to bring hard times and shortages to the Cubans in Cuba. By their instigation and support of Wasington’ bloqueo and travel ban they have greatly contributed to extending the suffering of ill people which among many cruelties, were not able to obtain medicines so easily available in the USA. They have also contributed to the human right violation of depriving Cuban-americans as well as US citizens to travel to see relatives in Cuba, thus dividing and separating families. Who left so long ago and had worked against the Cubans in Cuba, have lost all of their right regarding Cuba.