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Cuba rejects Mexico’s plan to help jailed

Posted January 25, 2005 by Cubana in Cuba Politics.

Article in the Washington Times

Mexico City, Mexico, Jan. 24 (UPI)—Cuba scoffed Monday at a proposal offered by a Mexican senator to provide support to Cuba’s political prisoners.

The Cuban ambassador to Mexico, Jorge Bolanos Suarez, said the proposal put forward by Mexican Senator Cecilia Romero to supply Cuban prisoners with medical supplies constituted interference in the country’s internal affairs.

In April 2003, 77 Cuban dissidents were jailed for political crimes. More than five have been released for health reasons.

In statements before the Meeting on Regional Consultation and Cooperation on Human Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Cuban diplomat denied that in Cuba those who differ with Fidel Castro’s regime are taken to tribunals or prisons.

Bolanos Suarez said if Mexico approved the proposal to provide medical support to Cuba’s political prisoners, diplomatic relations between Mexico and Cuba would again be strained. The two countries suffered a diplomatic impasse in April 2004 over the extradition from Cuba of one of Mexico’s most wanted criminals.

Member Comments

On January 25, 2005, jesusp wrote:

Very noble proposal by Mexico, but I would propose instead that they focus on their own Human Rights violations and the well being of their citizens so that the cruel exodus which takes place every day to the U.S. would stop.