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USAID funding list of organizations

Posted January 10, 2005 by Dana Garrett in Cuba Politics.

Source: Ana Radelat, “USAID funding for anti-Castro groups tops $34 million, ”

(1) Center for a Free Cuba $5,049,709

(2) Grupo de Apoyo a la Disidencia $4,650,000

(3) Cuba On-Line $4,240,000

(4) Int’l Republican Institute $2,773,825

(5) Freedom House $2,100,000

(6) UM: Cuba Transition Project $2,045,000

(7) CubaNet $1,333,000

(8) FIU Journalism Program $1,164,000

(9) Pan-American Dev. Foundation $1,520,700

(10) Accion Democratica Cubana $1,020,000

(11) Loyola Univ: NGO Development $424,771

(12) Georgetown Univ. Scholarships $400,000

(13) Plantados: Support for Prisoners $400,000

(14) Mississippi Consortium Int’l Dev $399,952

(15) Latin American Mission: Dry Milk $392,976

(16) Carta de $Cuba 289,600

Completed projects 5,806,570
TOTAL: $34,010,103

Member Comments

On January 10, 2005, Jesus wrote:

What a waste of money!!! I can not help but wander what this money is being used for.

On January 13, 2005, Dana Garrett wrote:

What happens is that the USA gives this money to these organizations many of whom then give huge portions of it to Cuban nationals who end up working on behalf of USA interests inside Cuba.

And the funny thing is that no one in the USA is allowed by law to accpet money, directly or indirectly, from Cuba to work on their behalf.  That makes one an “unlawful registered agent” of Cuba.  I bet if some USA citizen got locked up for accepting money from the USA, no one would call him a “dissident.”