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Is Osama bin Laden in Cuba? - Open letter to President Bush

Posted December 08, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Dear President Bush,

1. Most people will agree with the US invasion of Afghanistan and the search for Osama bin Laden in that region.

2. US citizens were going along with the Weapons of Mass Destruction argument for attacking Iraq. However, when the invasion was called Operation Freedom, it became clear that discovering Weapons of Mass Destruction might not be the actual reason.

Never found them and we’re STILL there. How long will we be in Iraq? And, tell us why we are still there?

3. Then there’s the Patriot Act with its airport travel restrictions, personal searches and other invasions of privacy, all in the name of preventing terrorism.
4. Now you want to “liberate Cuba”. Does that mean an invasion of Cuba will be justified because Cuba might possess the possibility to develop a bio-weapons program? Perhaps you have intelligence that Osama bin Laden is in Cuba?

Will Cuba be next on the George Bush World Tour?

(Notice the word “invasion” was used several times in this letter.)


Member Comments

On December 09, 2004, curt9954 wrote:

I am an American, but if the U.S stages an unprovoked attack on Cuba, I will do whatever it takes to support Cuba even if that means committing treason against my own country.

On December 09, 2004, Jesus Perez wrote:

If the U. S. went to the U.N. with a proposal to invade Cuba they would be laughed out of the building. Their only hope is that Castro commits an act of aggression or if they are able to fabricate one. Castro is to clever to give them a reason and they would have a hard time convincing anyone with any fabricated scenario after the Iraq fiasco.

On December 09, 2004, Ziona wrote:

Beware of Caesar!