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Calls to Cuba no longer permitted?

Posted November 29, 2004 by YoungCuban in Cuba Politics.

“We’re sorry calls to this country are not permitted”

This afternoon Nov./29/04 I tried calling Cuba ss I do on a daily basis.

Much to my surpise I kept getting a response saying that calls to this country were not permitted?

I have been having trouble calling Cuba for the last three days while dialing direct from my home phone,therefore I had to purchase calling cards in order to call Cuba or rent a booth at a calling location.

I decided to call my phone company “Supra-Telecom” to ask what was going on,the operator told me that calls to Cuba are no longer permitted,that is all she said,she told me there was no further information to why one can no longer call Cuba direct.

I’d like to know if anyone else is experiencing the same thing with their pohone company?

Perhaps this is just an isolated incident with my phone company?

Member Comments

On November 29, 2004, Jesus Perez wrote:

This would be the ultimate insult to ALL Cubans.

On November 29, 2004, olga wrote:

Yes. I have the same experience and the same answer in the phone when I try to call Cuba. I called my phone company (Verizon)and they told me that they don’t know about it.
American phone companies will lost a lot of money for sure.

On November 29, 2004, YoungCuban wrote:

I hope this isnt some sort of continuing effort by the US to keep us out of touch with our family in Cuba!

It’ bad enough we can only visit them once every three years,but to not allow us to speak to them is dead wrong!

Jesus you are wrong,this is would insult Cubans who still have family in Cuba,I am sure the hard-liners no longer have family in Cuba and that is why they continue to support the seperation of our family!

Que vayan a joder a su madre!

On November 30, 2004, Maceo wrote:

Here in Europe we connect without problems EXCEPT where the service is one that is routed by the United States.

I think the problem must be related to the fact that Cuba’ share of the cost of the call is not being paid by the US companies - instead it has been diverted to pay these crazy millions of dollars in compensation to the relatives of people who died whilst attacking Cuba at Playa Giron!

On November 30, 2004, I-taoist wrote:

“That which is not permitted” is the universal language of tyranny or repression of freedoms—-whether in Cuba or the U.S..  Once again we see the drama of one evil (communism) being opposed by another equally evil response(reactionary repression by regulatory fiat).  Oh, but for a little genuine Light in the White House. 

On November 30, 2004, Jesus Perez wrote:

YoungCuban, Anyone who supports the separation of Cuban families in this way is not a real Cuban, I meant ALL real Cubans.

On November 30, 2004, YoungCuban wrote:

It is things like this that make me really want to move to Canada or Panama (where my wife is from),the US criticizes other countries for using similar tactics yet use the same tactics themselves.

How are they any better? Please explain!

Is this not seperation of family? Inhumane?

It’ getting sickening….

On December 01, 2004, Michael wrote:

You ever wonder why the calling rates to Cuba average triple or quadruple anywhere else in the hemisphere ? Real simple. It’ Fidel Castro’ form of taxation for placing calls to Cuba. Call it a 80 % commission for calling ” His ” country.He knows your’e gonna pay!! He’ holding everyone hostage !! He’ got your family !!! You wanna talk ??? pay the price.  And if the long distance carrier is late making a payment or, a Federal Judge places a lien on the payment, Fidel just refuses to take any calls from that carrier until the matter is resolved. C’mon it costs .09 / minute to Columbia but .89 + / minute to Cuba ?? Get real people !!

On December 01, 2004, YoungCuban wrote:

I have NO problem paying it,I spend anywhere from $500-$1000 a month on calls to Cuba, I want the right to call right from my home direct without having to go out and buy phone cards.

If you cant afford something,than dont buy it.

Why dont the calling card companies lower their rates? Most calls are routed from Canada or Mexico,think the calling card companies are making more than they should,I am sure they inflate the prices as well.

Who cares? I dont,I care only about being able to call direct from the comfort of my home.

And for your comment that Fidel has my family imprisioned is absurd, I can bring them to the US anytime I want but they choose not to come,they rather die in their OWN country where their roots lay deep!

And in case it’ on your mind,yes many of my family members do support Castro’ ways,and they are not those who people talk about who live better than the next Cuban by supporting Fidel,some dont really care for politics in any way,but NONE want to leave Cuba for ANYTHING!

On December 01, 2004, Michael wrote:

I just explained to you why the rates are so high..Fidel Castro is the one that is charging a rate to the long distance carriers for incoming calls that is so ridiculouly high.There is no limit to what surcharges he can put on incoming and out going calls.You have no choice !!! There is no competition !! Excuse me but you can call the man on the moon for less !! And if you had family living on the moon you would call no matter what.Right?? Fidel Castro knows this..That’ why he is robbing you…You and everybody else. Don’t worry I’ve been there. One month I spent $ 2,500  

On December 01, 2004, YoungCuban wrote:

Michael I fully understand where you are coming from,and I agree,it is very expensive to call Cuba.

But life here in the US has ALWAYS been inflated by the powers that be!

Allow me,in 1998 an economic study was done to figure out how much money would it take to run every aspect of our government,in conclusion it would ONLY take $20.00 per yer in TAXES from each of the 290 million US citizens to run our government offices nationwide!

Another study showed that it would take less than $20 to pay for social security.

Now my friend,since you live in the US like I do,how much do you pay in taxes every time you buy a 12 pack of Charmin toilet paper at $8 per pack?

Now times that a year,dont know about your family but we use THREE 12 packs a month and sometimes more…lol

$24.00 x 7%= $1.68 now times that by 12 months = $20.16 a year I spend on taxes for toilet paper,meaning by just wiping my ass I have contributed to the $20.00 per year the study showed would run our government!....jajajaja

Moral of the story is,EVERYONE inflates prices on everything!

I pay close to $5000.00 a year on property tax,I still dont understand why we should be taxed for our own homes,we got taxed when we purchased the home and if we’re to sell,we will be taxed yet again!

Michael do you agree with me that in order to live okay in the US one would need to have a salary of $50,000?

Remember we pay 28% of those $50,000 to the US in taxes,that is nearly $15,000 on $50,000.

Some may even say having a job that pays $50,000 a year doesnt even cut it to live without any worries,perhaps if you lived alone with no other mouths to feed or bodies to clothe.

Now dont go off and make $150,000 a year,Uncle Sam will than STEAL 40% of YOUR hard earned cash!

Price gauging is everywhere,moreso here in the US!


On December 02, 2004, Dana Garrett wrote:

Perhaps people should contact their congresspersons and senators and ask them to find out why the phone companies won’t let you call and who in the government gave this order to the phone companies and when. 

On December 02, 2004, Olga wrote:

All this cuban problem all the time sucks, like we don’t have enough to deal with as immigrants in USA so we have to keep struggling with Cuba after all. It has to end someday. Everybody use the family ties for their own political purpose.

On December 02, 2004, Michael wrote:

Back to the phone business.. Nowhere on this planet costs as much to call as Cuba.Maybe Tibet or ,,, Christmas Island. Now, why is that? Simple, Fidel Castro can charge whatever he wants not,whatever the market will bear.He -Dictates- what things will cost out of greed. And as I said before , the long distance carriers negotiate the rates with each individual country.It’ Fidel’ form of taxation for communicating with his property,the people of Cuba. Did you know that Fidel Castro has a personal income of $11 Million/ per day ? That’ about what the profits are on his telecommunications scam. 

On January 07, 2005, nicko wrote:


On June 17, 2008, afgzz wrote:

Hey Listen.. Try to used differet type of phone card then it ‘ll work.  thy can’t block all calls