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Recap, election ‘04 and Cuba

Posted November 04, 2004 by I-taoist in Cuba Politics.

Well, it looks like it is all over except for the shouting, and maybe some futile vote counting in Ohio. I’m hoping this marks the death knell of the far left’s, “social progressive wing,” and their control of the Democratic party. They have managed to so completely disenfranchise the moderate middle ground that Democrats will never again attain national prominance, in my opinion, following their lead, and good riddance. As to the link below, the irony is that the homosexual rights crowd may have been largely responsible for the Democrat’s defeat in this election, helping to spur turn out of Bush supporters with this emotional issue. Even in Arkansas Bush got almost 20% of declared Democratic votes, and he consistantly got larger percentages of their votes nationwide than Republicans voting for Kerry. What does that say?

People are fed up—-and scared—-of the social and cultural bullying that would project homosexuality as just another variant of normal human behavior. The further irony is that the Supreme Court ruling in Kerry’s home state to allow homosexual marriage may have actually spelled his certain doom. Such libertine disregard for conventional morality will always work to one’s disfavor, regardless of TV and Hollywood movie industry mores. Remember Janet Jackson’s right breast?
The Democrat’s move left has so completely alienated the South that I don’t know if they will ever gain the region again in my lifetime. Who would have thought I would now classify myself as an old style “Dixiecrat,” minus the racism.

I guess it is to the U.S.‘s credit that, given the mess in Iraq, the struggling economy, the sea of red ink, and the international condemnation of Bush’s foreign policies, they will not abandon their moral and social compass to the point of embracing a Democratic candidate so far to the left. By the way, I did happen to read the Swift Boat Veteran’s book, it was given me, and I can tell you, by almost all accounts, John Kerry has little or no claim to heroism in Vietnam….that from the great majority who served with him. Two of his Purple Hearts were for “pin prick” wounds, a sliver of shrapnel so small and superficial they was removed by tweezers and band-aided, and many claim they were self inflicted by his own dumb actions. I wonder what my cousin Paul Wayne, who was a 1st Lt., forward artillary observer, thinks of that. He came home with about ten holes in him after being wounded, sent to the Phillipines for recovery, then returned to Vietnam for two more hole puncturings, his three Purple Hearts were well deserved. And he never mentions them. There is also contradictory evidence on the merits of Kerry’s Bronze Star and his submitted report of the incident. By all accounts almost all of Kerry’s peers and comrades in the war zone were more than glad to see him leave the country after only four months.
So, the new mantra for Democrats would seem to be…“the far left is a plague that will kill any chance you have of regaining political power.” Ask Mike Ross in the house or Tommy Roebuck in the Arkansas State house.

As for Cuba, lo siento mucho, mis hermanos y hermanas en Cuba y aqui, pero, va a estar un tiempo muy duro.  Lo siento mucho, mis amigos y amigas.  Vamos a tratar a ayedarte como podriamos.  Tiene fe, fe en la justicia del Dios,  compadres, en que la verdad es haciendo, tienes fe.
Tu compadre en corazon,


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On November 05, 2004, danny wrote:

What does the stupid commentary above have to do with Cuba?

On November 05, 2004, Michael wrote:


I think your on the wrong website.Go to ” out of touch” and turn right.Can’t miss it ....

On November 06, 2004, Jesus Perez wrote:

John, if you believe the Swift Boat Veterans’ Book, I would like to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

On November 07, 2004, Ralph wrote:

    Mr.John in some aspectos of his comments I am line too,
    but in others I fall out.Its clearly that America has
    spoken and showed up that Mr,Bush is a vote-winner machine,for him and his party,Here in Europe more than thousands
  believe that the Bush victory sounds like a Miracle and so do
  I,never usa incumbent president had had to face so many bad
  news and deeds,Irak continual troubles,the big media againt
  him,the faltering economy,especialy in job cration rates,some
  mistakes which were made by his administration,etc,but he is
  a genuine winner and in the same manner I praise the Chavez
  genuine victory in Venezuela,I hail this incredible victory
  of Bush ant the republican.Nevertheless in regardin CUBA,I
  am saying to you that you are Wrong,Mel Martinez ganû por
  un pelo(by a whisker),but he lost tons when he and others
  touted the new policy,more aggressive against the normal
  people in need, in my Island,by any standard to avert someone
  to say by at the very end to his o her mother or father or
  other next to kind is morally a big wrongdoing,look,when meassures don’t work should be changed But for the better,second
terms in any presidency,you know,as I do,is about Legacy,and
in my standpoint,the latest meassures related to CUBA,are just
wrong.Hard feeling never make good policy,mR. jOHN

On November 12, 2004, Ralph wrote:

First of all,it is advisable that you Mr. John try to learn
just a little bit more Spanish language,because what you are
show up above,it is embarrased.Well, as I said early,the american people gave Bush the very green light and hope that
Bush stewardship profit this 4 more years to do more and do
better.But,sorry,I put me out of this subject because I want
to say something about Arafat passed away,It seems to me when
somebody goes to the beyond,especially in public personality,
make a balance of his or her impact is useful and in my view
despite many and big mistakes whih Arafat made,despite his—
failure,if you like, in his commitments to give a land to his
people landless,despite his leniency with the rampant corruption in the PLO and that he didn’t enough to stop growing
terrorism,in my view,He made the greatest achievement when
creating the Feeling of National Identity in the Palestinian
People and despite allegations he has struggle in that,That"s why you can see how the whole palestinian people are really
morning Arafat death.I worked 1 year in refugee camps of—
Palestinian then I know how big is its struggling for having
a piece of land for themselves.