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The wrong remedy on Cuba - Orlando Sentinel Opinion

Posted September 26, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Our position: Trade and travel restrictions aren’t the answer to toppling Fidel Castro.

More and more members of Congress are realizing that restrictions on trade and travel with Cuba have created hardship for the island’s oppressed people but failed to topple its dictator, Fidel Castro.

Yet President George W. Bush has stubbornly vowed to block any scaling back of the Cuba embargo.

This week the House approved amendments to a spending bill that would ease limits on the sale of food and medicine to Cuba, eliminate barriers to student-exchange programs and rescind harsh new restrictions on family travel. The Senate hasn’t taken up its version of the bill, but members have supported similar measures before.

Mr. Bush would be wise to yield to the will of Congress, and come up with a more effective way than blocking trade and travel to promote democracy in Cuba.

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