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Mexico requests info on Cuban tensions

Posted September 08, 2004 by Dana Garrett in Cuba Politics.

Washington Times

The Mexican Federal Institute for Public Information Access Tuesday requested details on a diplomatic dispute between Mexico and Cuba, El Universal reported.

According to a 32 page statement on IFAI’s web site, the institute instructed the Secretary of the Interior and the Center for Investigation and National Security to respond to questions concerning a dispute between the two governments in May.

Both nations issued a series of denunciations of each other that ended in the formal severing of relations and the withdrawal of both ambassadors.

The government of Mexican President Fox had accused Cuba of meddling in Mexico’s internal affairs, while Cuban President Fidel Castro said the diplomatic tradition with Mexico had been reduced to “ashes” by Fox.

In the middle of the tensions, the Mexican government was declined to make public details of the disagreement. The IFAI said its inquiry is in part an attempt to clarify the incident.


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