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Cuban doctors help alleviate Nauru health problems

Posted September 08, 2004 by Dana Garrett in Cuba Politics.

Nauru’s Health Minister says the arrival of 11 Cuban doctors has made a major contribution to the country’s ability to handle serious health problems.

The Cuban Government sent the doctors to Nauru two months ago, following a request made to Cuba’s President Fidel Castro.
Nauru’s Health Minister Kieren Keke, a medical doctor who used to spend half his day at the hospital and the other half in his ministerial office, says the arrival of the Cuban doctors has taken a lot of pressure off the local medical fraternity.
“That’s certainly changed my workload and, I think, the workload of the other local doctors,” he said.

“We were down to three doctors trying to serve a population of over 10,000. So the injection of 11 doctors at once has been received with a lot of thanks.”

Dr Keke says while there has been a few language problems with not many people on Nauru speaking Spanish, communication is gradually improving.

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