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(Idiot) Miami Attorney Larry Klayman Files Lawsuits Against Castro

Posted August 31, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

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Larry Klayman Accuses Cuban President Of Crimes Against Humanity, Cyberterrorism

A Miami attorney is filing two lawsuits against Cuban President Fidel Castro, accusing him of crimes against humanity and cyber terrorism.

Larry Klayman is filing the first lawsuit with the Organization of American States and the second in U.S. District Court in Miami.

Klayman, who is running for the U.S. Senate in Florida, brought a number of cases against Castro and Cuba while he was chairman and general counsel of Judicial Watch.

Last summer, he spearheaded a private diplomatic mission to six European countries and the Vatican, where he successfully lobbied for increased sanctions against Castro.

Klayman claims Castro is an avowed terrorist, has assisted Middle Eastern terrorist regimes and encouraged a return to Communism in Latin American, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia.

Klayman also accused Castro of hacking his Web site, causing significant damage.

Member Comments

On August 31, 2004, publisher wrote:

1. Why is there no author on this story?

2. NBC6 should be ashamed to have their name on this story.

3. Larry Klayman, you are an idiot but you’ll go far with the hard line Cuban exiles in Miami. Strange thing is that you will loose as the moderate Cubans take over and make a stand against over-the-top sell-outs like yourself. THINK!

Wah. Wah. Wah and Castro hacked my web site. Boo hoo.


On August 31, 2004, Jesus Perez wrote:

It is obvious Mr. Klayman does not believe he can be elected to the U. S. senate in Florida if you have an open mind or even a little common sense. It would be terribly sad if Mr. Klayman was elected.

On December 02, 2004, Captain America wrote:

I’m suppose to feel sorry for Castro? Someone who wanted to point nuclear weapons at me? I dont think so.

Castro should be harrassed and dogged to the end of the earth. Way to go Larry!!!

Whats wrong with the hard-line Cubans?

Castro’ gonna “fall down soon and never get up”.


On January 07, 2009, Virus2 wrote:

As if Batista was any better?  Gimme a break.  The only crime against humanity in this story is that Klayman is allowed contact with the outside world - they should lock him up and throw away the key.  And those wacko right-wing cubans need to get over it.  This embargo only hurts regular cubans - government officials are spared the brunt of it.