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Committee for the Defense of the Revolution Meeting in Havana 1963

Posted August 20, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.


Most Cuban lives actually lie in the hands of something called the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution. This really is thousands of small committees organized down to the block level, like the one meeting above in Havana. The most active members belong to ORI, an organization made up of both Castro supporters and Communists. They know everything in the life of everyone. Yet they also can give- and take away- favors, so most Cubans seem to accept their embrace without ever thinking that it could, in the end, smother them.

From Life magazine - Inside Castro’s Cuban Revolution - March 15, 1963

Member Comments

On August 06, 2009, Alfred Smith wrote:

I spent two months in Cuba recently living with the people.  I wish to disagree with the comment that most cubans seem to “accept their embrace without ever thinking..”.  The truth, as I saw it, is that most Cubans pretend to “accept” as to not do so brings fast punishment.

Most Cubans play the game, just as all of us do in most societies.  But, as an mature man talking in city parks to other men, it became clear to me that c\Cubans are controlled by fear of the CDR that is everywhere like a modern Orwellian 1984.