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Aristocratic Cuban Ladies Chatting on Havana Streets 1963

Posted August 20, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.


Aristocratic Cuban ladies live much as before, chatting on Havana streets and entertaining at home- though more modestly than before. Younger women of this class line up daily at the Mexican Consulate for visas, but older ones prefer to stay where they have lived their lives.

From Life magazine - Inside Castro’s Cuban Revolution - March 15, 1963

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On October 07, 2011, Betancourt wrote:

According to my family, we come from a lineage of aristocrats. My family is from Camaguey, Cuba. I was born in Camaguey in 1959. We came to the U.S. in 1961 and resided in Hialeah, Florida. My father, Alcibiades Betancourt received a letter from an attorney in New York who had been looking for him when we arrived from Cuba stating that he had an inheritance to claim. My dad thought it was a joke and threw the letter away. I have been on a quest to find out who this attorney is and what this inheritance is all about. The only information I have is that my grandfather’s (Alvaro Julian Betancourt) aunt went by the name, “Medio Million”. If anyone can be of assistance in letting me know who this “Medio Million” lady really is, I will be very grateful.