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Water supply in Mariel town hopeless, say residents

Posted August 12, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Moises Leonardo Rodríguez | [url=][/url]

Residents of the town of Cabañas, in the municipality of Mariel, west of
Havana, complain the situation of the town’s aqueduct is hopeless, citing the general state of disrepair of the pumps and pipes and the almost total
lack of resources that maintenance personnel have to contend with.

In several meetings with local government authorities, residents complain that maintenance workers have no transportation to go between the
town and the reservoir, where the pumping stations are located. Also,
residents say, municipal water authority employees often have to borrow
basic tools like sledge hammers and threading tools to be able to perform
their work. They also point to jury-rigged repairs, such as pipes mended with rubber inner tubes, as evidence of the general state of disrepair of the system.

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