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Cuban Property Claims and Home Evictions detailed in US Plan for Democracy in Cuba

Posted July 22, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Prensa Latina

Recognized by the US as the Gordian knot of a so-called transition in Cuba, claims on properties are one of the hidden elements in the occupation project Washington has devised for the island.

Dossier (Spanish/English): 45 years of US Aggressions against Cuba
The report by the Commission “To Assist a Free Cuba,” publicized by President George W. Bush in May, heralds the country"s social organization under a US occupation regime, which would actually mean the end of national sovereignty.

Although the over 450-page document only refers to settling claims on property in Cuba, the topic is one of the main elements in chapter 4, entitled Establishing the Essential Institutions for a Free Market Economy.
Establishing private property rights is considered “one of the greatest challenges of the transition,” due to the special complexity attributed by US officials that elaborated the document, which features in its first part actions to cause the fall of socialism in Cuba.

The difference between simple reference to the mater in the summary spread and the importance given to it in the text is considered by Cuban officials as proof of manipulation, as well as an attempt to hide the real scope of such a move.

In fact, if the plan elaborated by the US president were implemented, thousands, even millions of Cubans in the island would be confronted with the immediate cancellation of their home ownership rights.

Disregarding the laws approved after 1959, the occupation regime would validate claims not only by US citizens, but also by the former Cuban landlords, who became US nationals after leaving their country.

The return of properties would also favor Cubans who live in third countries.

A fact that highlights the dependence from the US by an eventual transitory regime is that the whole process of returning properties to former owners would be the responsibility if the US government, acting through a Commission for Property Return.

The chaos likely to arise from Washington"s proposals, especially regarding real estate properties, is recognized in the report as a “particularly complex matter.”

A document of the Cuban Parliament states that the prominence given to the creation of repressive organizations in the US plan for Cuba is directly related to the conviction that measures such as home eviction will be totally unpopular.

Also, the US authorities will have, in practice, the power to appoint judges, design the electoral system, and even form political parties, which would leave a narrow space or none for the Cuban society to decide.

Member Comments

On July 22, 2004, publisher wrote:

Don’t worry.

George Bush is a smart man and he is surrounded by unbiased, objective Cuban American Advisors who will do what’ best for the Cuban people during the US occupation of Cuba (and during the annexation).

Of course we know the Cuban people are waiting for George Bush to ride in on a white horse to save them and give them a Democracy and free-market economy.

Take down those statues of Jose Marti and replace them with George Bush.

On July 22, 2004, Dana Garrett wrote:

As someone who partially descended from Native Americans, I believe the USA government has a lot of cheek pontificating about property claims in another country. 

On July 22, 2004, MJD wrote:

If this plan is forced upon the Cuban people, George Bush will go down in history as the most brutal, hegomonic, and ill-advised president in US history.
He and his ” advisors “will be personally responsible for the death and misery of thousands.If this plan is acted upon it will be the ideal recipe for Civil War. How arrogant.

On July 22, 2004, MJD wrote:

Let the Cubans decide for THEMSELVES how this matter should be settles.

On July 22, 2004, andreas von hiiumaa wrote:

america and g w bush dont have nothing to do with small and friendly cuba. fidel is not so horrible as most american imagne. nr 1, go and visit cuba before when us army will start to own “mission”