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More than 40% of postal parcels lost

Posted July 13, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

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More than 40% of the postal parcels mailed this year have never reached their destination, according to a recent study.

Among the missing: a refrigerator, a pair of pants, a cellular phone, a fan. The street name for those who still dare use the Cuban post office’s parcel post service: postal fools.

Most people here are convinced the merchandise is simply stolen in transit, and in spite of the occasional investigations and firings, the parcels keep getting lost. Complaints are plentiful, but seldom if ever afford satisfaction to the complainant.

Member Comments

On October 29, 2009, chrisvb wrote:

theft in the postal services in cuba is rampant . many packages are opened and items removed ,sometimes replaced with worthless items of similar weight . the delivery time once the item arrives in cuba can be several months .  Another symptom of a broken system.

On November 01, 2009, pipefitter wrote:

We have sent (to 3 different places) many parcels (must be at least 40 by now) and have lost only one and we were sent the money we declared back by Canada Post. (small parcels 2kg or less) After investigation the 2 people in the post office in Cuba that was responsible got replaced, according to relatives.