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Luis Hernando Bustemante Colombian Cocaine Kingpin Captured in Cuba

Posted July 10, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

VOA News
Colombia says the Cuban government has arrested Luis Hernando Bustemante, an alleged leader of Colombia’s largest drug cartel.

Colombia’s police chief, General Jorge Daniel Castro, said Friday that Cuban officials informed Bogota that Mr. Bustemante was arrested last week. He added that the suspect entered Cuba using a forged Venezuelan passport.
The police chief said that Cuba and Colombia are negotiating the extradition of Mr. Bustemante, who is also wanted in the United States.

The alleged cocaine kingpin, also known by his alias “Rasguno”, is said to be among the top leaders of the Norte de Valle—one of the biggest cocaine exporting organizations and a major supplier to the United States.

Member Comments

On July 10, 2004, publisher wrote:

To all those who say that Cuba harbors criminals, this should be an interesting story.

On July 12, 2004, MJD wrote:

” Rasguno” probably missed a scheduled payoff to one of Fidel Castro’ cronies. That’ the he only way they would arrest him. You don’t think this was his first time in Cuba do you ??There are convicts on the lamb including Black Panthers down there living with impunity. One of them, a woman and a convicted Cop Killer lives in Old Havana… I would love to see her extradited Another reason the Embargo needs to be lifted, people like her can’t hide..