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Cuba Is Ready for Everything, Says Cuban President Fidel Castro

Posted July 05, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.


Havana, Jul 2 (Prensa Latina) If they dare to attack us, they will suffer their most huge and shameful defeat, Cuban President Fidel Castro told the Bush administration in his address to the National Assembly (Parliament) Thursday on the latest US anti-Cuban measures.

Be sure we are prepared in all fields, we have stone-built trenches and what is more important, we have trenches of ideas, noted Fidel Castro.

“No nation in this world has the tranquillity we can enjoy in Cuba,” he added.

The Cuban leader recalled that his two public Epistles addressed to George W Bush (near the Washington Interest Section in Havana, on May 14 and June 21), warned of Cuba´s condemnation to war, but also of its convictions and resolution to defend the country in case of an aggression. 

We know our adversary has a powerful technology and armament, the Havana statesman highlighted. However, that is countered by what he called the Cuban people´s high level of conscience and political culture.

He ratified his conviction that the Empire (the US) would not last so long as the Roman Empire did, but as one in its grasping breath, the threats from this Empire should be taken seriously.

“If we are attacked, they will suffer their most huge and shameful defeat”, he concluded to strongly back a previously approved declaration by the National Assembly to condemn the recent aggressive Washington measures against Cuba.

The declaration was approved by the 554 deputies participating in the Third Ordinary Period of Sessions of the Assembly´s Fourth Legislature at Havana´s Convention Center.

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