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Fidel Castro warns Bush against attacking Cuba

Posted June 21, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Fidel Castro warned President George Bush today against launching a military attack on Cuba if the current American measures aimed at dislodging him don’t succeed, saying it would provoke a mass exodus and an all-out ground war.

Washington has repeatedly denied it is planning any military action against Havana.

But an increased tightening of sanctions against the island, along with the Bush administration’s pre-emptive strike on Iraq, has convinced the Cuban leadership that a military attack is not impossible.

“Do not try crazy adventures such as surgical strikes or wars of attrition using sophisticated techniques because you could lose control of the situation,” Castro said in a speech addressed specifically to Bush before a morning protest of tens of thousands of Cubans in Havana.

“You could shatter the immigration agreement and provoke a mass exodus that we would not be in a position to prevent, and you could bring about an all-out war between young American soldiers and the Cuban people,” he said. ”That would be very sad.”

“You would never be able to win that war,” the Cuban leader said. “Here you will not find a divided people.”

Last month, a presidential commission delivered Bush what amounts to a policy of regime change in Cuba, recommending that the US subvert the planned succession in Cuba under which power would pass from Castro to his younger brother, Raul.

The release of the report coincided with a new round of tough new measures that will further limit travel to Cuba by US citizens– including Cuban Americans.

Dressed in his typical olive green uniform and cap, Castro spoke at a mahogany wood podium on a stage outside the oceanfront US Interests Section – the American mission.

“Under the present circumstances in Cuba, and in case of an invasion of our country if I cease to exist – either from natural causes or others – this will not in any way hurt our capacity to fight and stand firm,” said Castro.

The coastal Malecon highway was crowded with tens of thousands of people called out by their workplaces, schools and neighbourhood authorities. The government estimated the crowd at 200,000, a number impossible to confirm independently.

The Communist Party newspaper Granma said the gathering was called to deliver Cuba’s “most energetic condemnation and protest against the brutal anti-Cuban measures by the current US government.” 

Member Comments

On June 22, 2004, publisher wrote:

Rational or irrational, you have to wonder who is next on the list for George Bush’ world tour of regime change and population liberation.

Oops, I mean removal of weapons of mass destruction and fight against terrorism.

On June 22, 2004, John Bomar wrote:

“True evil thrives on opposition.  Give evil nothing to oppose and it will die of its own nature.”  Lao Tzu

On June 22, 2004, SonguaCassal wrote:

Did any one notice this line: “...the planned succession in Cuba under which power would pass from Castro to his younger brother, Raul.”

Succession? RAUL?

What about the so-called elections that happened not to long ago?Remember? It was Castro, Elian’ father, and that musician guy Silvio on the ballot. Remember how Castro was claiming the fairness of his election in comparison to the Bush/Gore fiasco?

Funny he should nomitate a successor and not have another election after his death. Is it any more obvious that the elections in Cuba are fake? He’ own words condemn him to his corruption.

Moreover, it’ obvious in the speach that he’ feeling his age and foresees the ineluctable change in Cuba. With or without the U.S., it’ only a matter of time. Freedom is inevitable.

On June 29, 2004, Chris Rendueles wrote:

It is true that this embargo has not done a sufficient job of derailing the castro regime. We should just give up and lift the embargo. It is in place because of the Cuban exiles. They continue to live in the past. Lift the Embargo , not only will it lead to new jobs it wil alleviate the living conditions on the island as well.

On February 03, 2005, pjk wrote:

ahhh, freedom the new manifest destiny. I wonder, since now it is the USA who gets to determine which country is “free” or not. I wonder if they will take a look at the latest dictatorial regime…their own. What amazes me most is not that murderers and wannabe 13th century crusaders like george bush rape and pileage for profit, but that the american people go right along with him.

For the first time I am afraid to live in this world with an evil power such as the USA. I wish people would read more history.