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Cuba says editorial on state radio about Reagan was not government’s official position

Posted June 12, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

By Associated Press

Cuba clarified its position on former President Ronald Reagan, saying Friday that a harsh editorial aired on state radio after his death was not the government’s official opinion.

    “News media around the world have echoed said comments, presenting them as an official declaration by Cuban authorities,’’ read a statement published Friday in the Communist Party daily Granma. The Associated Press reported on the radio editorial and described it as government reaction.

    State-run Radio Reloj on Monday repeatedly broadcast its editorial commenting on Reagan’s death, saying he “never should have been born.’’ It lambasted his military policies, especially the “Star Wars’’ anti-missile program.

    Reagan, a staunch foe of communism, died June 5 at age 93. His funeral was held Friday in Washington.

“The Foreign Ministry has been instructed by the Revolution’s leadership to clarify that the comments made by that radio station do not constitute an official declaration by Cuban authorities, nor do they express their positions,’’ the statement published in Granma said.
    “President Ronald Reagan was a tenacious adversary of the Cuban Revolution, but the sense of ethics and honor of Cuban revolutionaries cannot be reconciled with the idea of emitting critical judgments or attacks in such moments of profound pain for their families,’’ it said.
    “That is the way Cuban leaders and the Cuban people have and always will conduct themselves,’’ it concluded.

Member Comments

On June 12, 2004, publisher wrote:

I know Castro is known for doing some outrageous things but the “never been born” commment is disrespectful.

I didn’t think that that statement was officially endorsed by the State.

The title of this article was from the Boston Herald. Here’ the title from CBS: Cuba Backpedals On Reagan Statement