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Bush Cuban Policy May Cost Votes

Posted May 13, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.


MIAMI—A group of Cuban exiles who favor easing relations with Cuba are warning President Bush his new policy tightening restrictions on Cuba will cost him votes.

Five organizations said they will encourage exiles to work against the
president’s re-election, The Miami Herald reported Tuesday.

Their position puts them in opposition to thousands of other exiles who support
the president’s policy, announced last week.

Andres Gomez of the Antonio Maceo Brigade said 140,000 Cuban-Americans visited
Cuba last year, and 100,000 of them were from south Florida.

He said many of them will now vote against Bush. There are about 800,000
Cuban-Americans in south Florida.

Max Lesnick of the Alianza Martiana said, “This is a political mistake and it’s
inhumane. This will boomerang” on the administration.

The new policy tightens the current limits of one visit a year, to one visit
every three years. It also limits the remittances Cuban-Americans can send to
relatives in Cuba.

Member Comments

On May 14, 2004, publisher wrote:


Another group NOT supporting the President’ policy.

Again we ask, PLEASE show us one group or country step up and support these new restrictions.

On June 17, 2004, Patricia Rodriguez wrote:

Coicidently, this law has been altered. A new clause was added that required all the travelers to be here by July first—causing the ones who had already purchased tickets, to be bombarded with a both a decreased time in Cuba, and a fine for the re-established return date.