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Board, search, seize, impound, sell

Posted May 12, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Newsflash:  George W. Bush proclaims to search, seize, impound and sell any vessel on the “suspicion” that it “might” travel in Cuban territorial waters. April, 2004

Cuban-American Definitions
                                                          John Bomar

Insanity:  Repeating a proven failed policy with increased vigor, in hopes of a     different outcome.

Tyranny:  Fear driven oppression of basic human (and constitutional) rights     in response to perceived evil in others. 

Inane Reasoning:  One wrong, times one wrong, equls one right.

Embargo:  A policy of starving them to death so they will overthrow their         government and love us.

Scapegoat:  An enactor of the above policy.  Conveniently utilized by those       leaders subject to embargo to pass on the blame for suffering and escape responsibility for their own shortcomings.

Sovereignity:  Autonomy of a person or nation to pursue ones own path,   even down a dead-end road. 

Dim-wit:  A mind locked on low beam. 

Dilemma:  Dealing with a dim-wit.

Diminished:  A nation’s standing in the world when led by dim-wits. 

Travel restrictions:  A fancy name for unconstitutional means to limit movement beyond one’s own shores, usually involving “illegal” spending of monies.

Oppression:  An abundance of lists used by tyrannical governments for “That which is not permitted.”

Terrorist:  A convenient phrase used to label anyone of a different political
          persuasion, or to incite fear and trembling against them. 

Patriot:  One who rises up when government becomes corrupt and

Patriot Act:  Potential method to deal with true patriots.

Trading with the Enemy Act:  Clever and cunning legislative method to
          subvert constitutionally declared right to travel.

Threat:  Method used to undermine state security apparatus and repressive   forces in other countries.  See also: “kerosene on a fire in order to   put it out.”

Intimidation:  Method used by dim-wits to enforce inane policies. 

Search and Seize:  Method often used by intimidators, currently utilized             against sea vessels and their captains on “suspicion” of             “unpermitted travel.” 

Liberty:  Freedom from governmental oppression.  Threatened often by dim-   wits pursuing inane policies.

Just deserts:  Fate of free men who allow loss of liberty to occur without         opposition.  See: dim-wit. 

John Bomar is an ocean sailor who unexpectedly found himself in Cuba after signing on to a Danish schooner in Curasao in 1996.   

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